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Children First, Education Later

Anne Mette-Bak tells the story of her older sister, Marianne, who chose to become a mother before embarking on her education and long-term career. Marianne's experience is one example of how the Danish welfare state allows women to have more flexibility in making big life choices. 

It seems like these years of my life are filled with choices and questions about my future: What do I want to be when I "grow up"? How do I best secure a job when I finish my education? Will I prioritize having children or my career first? When all these thoughts become too overwhelming I turn to my sister for advice.

She chose to have children early in life, before she went to college, when she was still unsure of what she might study in the future. Yet, as you hear in this video, her choice turned out great. Her life and the choices she has made represents the freedom and security that is part of living in a welfare state such as Denmark.

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