Young Women Speaking the Economy

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Women in Sudan

The prevalent perception of Sudan is mostly informed by the country's conflicts and internal struggles. Yet there is a side to Sudanese people--particularly women--that is rarely depicted. Eman Asim presents her perspective about women in Sudan's enduring hope and incredible potential.

With various crises in Sudan--the economic crisis, the separation between north and south Sudan, the conflict in Darfur--most people worldwide are accustomed to seeing negative images of Sudan and its people. The images that people around the world see of us in Sudan, especially that of young women, are rarely positive.

I created this video to reflect the unseen images of young Sudanese women, and to show that behind our country's various conflicts are strong, positive women.

The economic crisis in Sudan affects young women in different ways. It's difficult for us to find jobs, and in the private sector, men are usually favored over women. Not many women start their own businesses, and those that do sometimes fail because of lack of experience or lack of overall economic opportunity to grow.

For me, I wish that future generations in Sudan will have more opportunities to succeed in all areas of life. I think that by showing positive images of women in Sudan, we can begin to give each other more encouragement and support.

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