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City, State: san francisco bay, ca
About Me:
kellyannart.com |Kellyann Gilson Lyman Art & Design is where I produce designs, visual art & media, as a well developing abstract art lessons, which I teach. kellyannart.com archives my work body of abstraction, conceptual, photographic & commercial designs.

My I'm passionate about:
As a woman, I have always believed that if you want to accomplish anything, you lay a foundation and continue to learn and grow. This is change. My work reflects the positive aspects of humanity, offering the viewer to pause. The work is happy, colorist and in critique, indicated that the artwork should be in the public eye. I produce my own shows each year, & collaborate with other artists to promote artistic talent. I believe, I offer hope & positive practice toward completion in my quest for refinement in my art.

The Door

City, State: Lansing, Michigan
About Me:
Stacie Dubay, LMSW, is the counseling supervisor at a domestic violence agency and has been working in the field of domestic violence for over twelve years. She is a member of the Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance Committee, a multidisciplinary committee that reviews injury related maternal mortality cases within the state of Michigan to design strategies for reducing such deaths. Over the past nine years she has served as a field instructor for over 75 master’s level and doctoral level student interns. Through her creation of art in the public environment, she hopes to educate communities, encourage dialogue, motivate others and validate others’ experiences.

She began creating art as both a physical and emotional escape from her batterer. “A Woman’s Journey from Victim to Survivor” is a traveling interactive exhibit that has been displayed in public spaces such as City Hall, university campuses, a coffee shop, our State Capitol, a hospital lobby, and a judge’s courtroom and has inspired several empowerment based community events throughout the state. It is generously hosted online at Gift From Within. The exhibit is intended to honor the strength and courage of women who have experienced domestic violence and to encourage others to take action.

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Helen Oyekan


City, State: Mitrovice, Kosovo
Languages: Bosnian and English languages
About Me:
I am woman with disability – disproportional restrict growth. I am Human Rights Defender and artist of authentic culture of persons with disabilities. I obtained two diplomas concurrently, Graduate Economist and Graduated Jurist.

My I'm passionate about:


City, State: buea, southwest
Languages: English, French and Bafanji
About Me:
...a young woman standing up for her voice and for all young woman

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My I'm passionate about:
through a Mentor by name Janet Feldman

Lee Puffer

City, State: LaMesa, CA

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City, State: Rosendale, NY
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Spanish
About Me:
I was born and raised in New York, USA, but within the culture and traditions my parents brought from Ukraine. I spoke Ukrainian before English, studied Ukrainian history with my father, and the crafts and folk art forms with my mother. Of what I learned, embroidery and pysanka writing has made the most profound effect on my visual art expression, and plays a prominent role in my work.

When it came time for me to leave home, I made the choice to live in a much more rural setting. I feel it is important to live in a place where nature can be a part of my every day life in a big way. To have a garden, to grow my own food and medicine is something I can not imagine living without ever again.

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My I'm passionate about:
While I'm inspired by ancient, thousands-of-years-old traditions, I incorporate them into my work in a new way, combining the old with the new. The subject matter of my work is also a combination of old and new-- I feel a powerful need to cultivate ancient herbal wisdom. Somehow, much of today's culture has reversed the integral importance of plants and their powers in our lives, creating a negative stereotype of 'weeds', murdering them with lethal chemicals which in turn poison the Earth, and finally coming back to us. My work is intended to call attention to this horrible misunderstanding and to return these plants to a place of recognition, respect and reverence.

Blanca Oraa

City, State: Getxo, Bizkaia

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Andrea Annunziata

About Me:
Andrea Annunziata is from São Paulo and is the daughter of a jewelry designer. She graduated with a degree in architecture and city planning from the faculty of fine arts of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). In the course of her studies, she developed the concept of incorporating her own mixed-media artwork within architectural design.

Mujeres Creando

About Me:
Un espacio feminista en la ciudad de La Paz, un espacio inédito del feminismo autónomo que se explica de esta manera:

Si estuviéramos en el siglo XIX la virgen de los deseos sería un Quilombo, un lugar de esclavas huidas que se juntan a organizarse en libertad. Si estuviéramos en el siglo XVI, sería en vez, quien sabe un convento.

La “Virgen de los Deseos” es una forma de recoger una estrategia que las mujeres hemos tenido a lo largo de la historia, estrategia que ha pasado por la huida de la reclusión y la construcción de un espacio concreto para nosotras.


City, State: Collegeville, PA
Languages: English
About Me:
Self Taught artist, one of 9 children, My mother inspired me and died of breast cancer when I was 12, if death and poverty do not inspire you they will kill you

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
My Girls, speak of change, but as in life they are not heard.

nancy Herman

City, State: merion, pA
About Me:
I am an artist living in Merion, Pa. I am interested in music and color. I sometimes make art work that speaks of the human condition as well.

My I'm passionate about:
Not sure what this question means.

imren Tüzün

City, State: Antalya, Turkey
Languages: Turkish
About Me:
imren Tüzün is an artist who lives and works in Antalya/Turkey. She has six solo and many group,mixed exhibition. Her writing and articles on poetry,literatur and travel have been published in various magazines. She made two short films "on the move" (2005), "Innocent Drawings" (2009) and three videos "walking on the Sea" (2007, " silence and desire" and "a married woman in front of the mdeiterranean".She is member of International Association of Art - Turkey. 1st and 2nd Antalya Lemon Short Film Days has been held held by Imren Tuzun with Ahmet Tuzun, Françoise Pierrot.Her web site address is www.imrentuzun.com

My Web Site:

Renée Bergan

City, State: Brooklyn, NY
About Me:
Renegade Pictures, Inc. is dedicated to making documentary films and photographs that educate, inspire and provoke change.

My I'm passionate about:
With our film lens, our goal is to support issues which will be enlightening and inspirational for the viewers, removing them from the passive spectator seat by encouraging them to be proactive participants in life.

Our social justice films bring a global perspective to the American audience which is often lacking in the mainstream media. With these films we are dedicated to fighting prejudices that hurt others, striving to end human rights abuse, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Our art films explore creative drives that pursue a unique vision. These films question the self imposed boundaries of our society and encourage expression that challenges the norm.

Our still photography documents humanity at home and abroad. With our pictures, we strive to share the beauty of life, erase borders and bridge cultural gaps.

Renegade Pictures, Inc., promoting revolution...
of the mind, the state and the soul.

Daniella Blechner

About Me:
Daniella Blechner is a filmmaker and a performance poet. In 1998 she wrote and directed her first theatre piece, Phenomenan '98 featuring British Comedians Richard Blackwood and Gina Yashere.

She completed a broadcasting course at Ravensbourne College where she wrote and directed her first short, Lost Wallet. She produced a one minute short Seeing is Believing, and was a camera assistant/runner in b3 award-winning short Laters. She also produced 24 7 11 Hold Up, a satirical politically incorrect, futuristic Richard and Judy style show. She wrote, produced and directed her first proper short Connexions which was screened at the Bfm Shorts, Cutting East, and Black Creativity Network Festivals in London.
Her most recent film, Hair we Are a comedy/drama about two young Afro-Caribbean girls who explore their Black identity through hair, was funded on a limited budget by Lewisham Film Initiative. It has since been broadcast on the Community Channel, www.itvlocal.com and screened at Chicago International Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, BAM Kids Film Festival in New York and won 3rd Best emerging film maker/film at The Images of Black Women Film Festival.

She draws inspiration from life experience, the highs and the lows, the struggles and the challenges life throws at us. She enjoys finding new, creative and humorous ways on commenting on social issues.

Ola Eliwat


About Me:
Laila Hotait Salas is a Spanish-Lebanese filmmaker.
She holds a Bachelor in Arabic studies from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, she did her first short documentary, Beirut…coming back to you is not painful, 12’, 2005, co-directed with Nadia Hotait, awarded by the Spanish Association of Arabic Studies.
She worked in Spain as the correspondent for AlJazeera Children TVchannel broadcasted internationally.
She did a documentary, The south is back, 52’, 2008, with Nadia Hotait, produced by Rosellini Associatti and Vox Populi, Italia.
She also curated the Film series “Filmmaking underfire: contemporary cinema in Palestine, Lebanon and Irak” for Casa Arabe-IEAM, Spain.
Laila is a San Francisco State University MFA Cinema candidate and holds a Fulbright scholarship.

My I'm passionate about:

nuruL H.

About Me:
I'm currently in the midst of finishing up my postgraduate studied in anthropology/sociology. Am a freelance curator & writer. I'm very passionate about photography, film, and audiovisuals. They are my media to methods of storytelling & sharing, which I believe to be empowering in stirring awareness & change.


My I'm passionate about:
I engage with a variety of media - namely photography, audiovisuals, the written word, and installations - as a way to evoke or provoke certain levels of awareness and hopefully, bring about change. 'Change', which can manifest in tangible and intangible ways. Potent symbolisms.
Equipped with 6 years of 'schooled' knowledge, I also make use of social research methods as a way to collect data, gain access, and provide information. 'Documentary' and 'Life Histories', as methods, deeply interest me. 'Art' and the 'Social Science'. I'm trying to find a way to fuse these two in my aim to develop a platform for change.

Women Thrive Worldwide

About Me:
Women Thrive Worldwide is the leading non-profit organization developing, shaping, and advocating for U.S. foreign policies that foster economic opportunity for women living in poverty. Why Women? Worldwide, women are at the greatest risk of being poor. Research and experience have also shown that women in poor countries are more likely to use their income for food, healthcare and education for their children, creating a cycle that lifts entire families, communities, and countries out of poverty. However, women face unequal social and economic barriers - such as lack of access to credit and trade, unequal property rights, gender-based violence, and poor wages and working conditions - that prevent them from earning a living and supporting their families. Women Thrive works to ensure that U.S. policy is addressing these barriers and supporting women’s efforts to find their own path out of poverty.

My I'm passionate about:
Giving women greater economic opportunity lifts families, communities, and countries out of poverty. Women Thrive Worldwide (formerly the Women’s Edge Coalition) advocates for changes in U.S. policy that will have the greatest impact on reducing poverty through women. Because of this, our work has a ripple effect, often benefiting millions of women living in poverty at once. Why U.S. Policy? As a major world power, donor, and trading partner, U.S. international assistance and trade policies have a huge impact on women in poor countries - both directly and through the messages we send. A few words on a piece of paper can mean the difference between surviving and starving for some of the world's poorest women and families. While direct assistance programs for the poor are very important, positive policy change is crucial for long-term change. If U.S. assistance and trade policies do not address the unique barriers women face, they will not reach the women who need them and will be only half as effective as they could be. By prioritizing women in programs the U.S. is already running - often by changing a few words in a piece of legislation - we can spread opportunity to millions of women and families living in poverty and help end poverty for good.

Global Oneness Project

About Me:
The Global Oneness Project is a web-based film project that documents our growing understanding of what it means to be part of one interconnected, interdependent world. Our short films and interviews feature people on six continents, working in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, agriculture, economics, indigenous culture, social justice, and politics. Using new media technologies to spread these stories globally, the project encourages broad dialogue about our responsibility to each other and to life as a whole. These short films and interviews can be viewed and downloaded for free from our website. Also available as DVDs, these films can be used as an educational resource to start conversations in your schools and communities. The DVD includes ten short films, and the accompanying conversation guide is full of questions to inspire dialogue around the themes and issues raised in these videos. Many of the videos are available with subtitles in multiple languages, and all of the videos can be translated through an open source translation tool available on our website (called DotSub).

My I'm passionate about:
Visit www.globalonenessproject.org to see how we exhibit change and to learn more about Global Oneness Project.

Antigone Magazine

City, State: Vancouver, BC
Languages: English
About Me:
Antigone Magazine is a non-profit, semi-annual magazine about women and politics based at the University of British Columbia run by young women. The magazine has a national subscription base. With the help of WILLA UBC (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association), Antigone Magazine is a magazine about women, politics, women in politics, and the politics of being a woman. www.antigonemagazine.wordpress.com

My I'm passionate about:
We believe it is important to discuss and advance issues that matter to women. We also believe that there is a general lack in the Canadian sphere of online or offline forums that deal exclusively with women’s issues and women in Canadian politics. We also believe that young feminists need a rallying point from which to work for change. We hope you will enjoy our mix of news, stories, commentary and event listings centering around women in politics and the Canadian feminist community. It’s about time women were put back on the agenda! Antigone Magazine is currently seeking charitable status under The Antigone Foundation, an organization that seeks to encourage young women aged 10-35 to become politically and civically engaged. The foundation proposes to do this through Antigone Magazine, its publication for unversity aged women, its blog, and the Dreams for Women project. The Foundation also seeks to found a magazine written by and for young women aged 10-15, as well as, an outreach program to educate and inspire young girls to become active and involved in politics and issues that affect them.

WomenVote USA

About Me:
WomenVote is a coalition effort among various women's organizations to encourage women to exercise their right to vote. While the majority of voters are women, they are not voting their full strength.

My I'm passionate about:
Voter outreach

Tandis Alizadeh

City, State: Sausalito, ca


City, State: LIMA, LIMA
About Me:
Mujer y madre emprendedora, autodidacta, empresaria globalizada, motivadora de corrientes de opinión, impulsadora y promotora de la: evolución empresarial del ser humano empresario(a), equidad de oportunidades, participación ciudadana, descentralización, desarrollo económico local, desarrollo sostenible y sustentable, conservación del medio ambiente, preservación de la biodiversidad y de la cohesión social, líder del sector de la micro y pequeña empresa del Perú, coordinadora nacional de las, con amplia experiencia en asesoría y consultoría del Sector MyPE y en exportación de productos MyPEs , en técnica legislativa, gestión pública por resultados, tácticas de negociación y gestor profesional de intereses. Experta en la técnica de facilitación (educación para adultos), convocatoria de mujeres y del Sector Mype

My I'm passionate about:
Coordinar para trabajar por la equidad de oportunidades y por la valoración del Ser Humano Mujer

Danae Ringelmann

City, State: San Francisco, CA
About Me:
Danae Ringelmann is a founder and the Chief of Finance and Customer Development for IndieGoGo- an online marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make more independent film happen. Danae founded IndieGoGo to democratize the film funding process. Passionate about helping filmmakers embrace new opportunities online, Danae often speaks at conferences and in classrooms on Film 2.0. Recent speaking engagements include Los Angeles Film Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, International Documentary Association, California Lawyers for the Arts, IFP Labs, and various university film programs. Danae brings entertainment industry and film finance expertise. Prior to IndieGoGo, Danae was a securities analyst at Cowen & Co. where she covered entertainment and video game companies including Pixar, Lions Gate, Disney, and Electronic Arts. Danae also focused on cable network, NFL, newspaper and hedge fund clientele while at JPMorgan's Investment Bank and Private Bank. In the wake of 9/11, Danae co-produced a concert reading of Incident at Vichy, an Arthur Miller play addressing the politically charged topic of racial profiling. Danae is a CFA charterholder and holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Danae was also a Morehead Scholar and Varsity Rower at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

My I'm passionate about:
Founding a company to democratize independent film finance.


City, State: New Delhi, Delhi
Languages: English
About Me:
"Bell Bajao" (Ring the Bell) urges men to take a stand against domestic violence. One out of every three women faces violence behind closed doors, so whether it's ringing a door bell to stop a crime, or speaking out, make sure you're doing your part to ensure women and families in your community are living free of violence. It's about time we stop being silent witnesses.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
Bell Bajao is an awareness and intervention campaign against domestic violence. It uses media, education and pop culture to reach out and cause change in the zeitgeist. This is a 360 degree media campaign with TV and radio spots, print ads, mobile video vans and an online avatar at www.bellbajao.org. This media campaign is being supported by on the ground force of youth and community leaders. Breakthrough reaches out to thousands of youth and members of NGOs and community based organisations. Our intensive training on human rights, gender, sexuality, prevention of HIV, and right of HIV positive people has equipped 70,000 people to be change agents in their community. Going forward, all new leaders will carry with them the pledge to Ring the Bell and violence against women.


City, State: Manchester, Lancs
About Me:
I work full time as Driver Training Officer @ Manchester Airport. I have 3 children and am a single parent. In my spare time I also write and am part of the Speakeasy Collective, the premier spoken word night in Manchester. Speakeasy is a group of approx 15 spoken word artists, singers & musicians.

My I'm passionate about:
Through everyday life

Iman Shaggag

About Me:
A visual artist
Born to Sudanese parents in England 1970.
Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, College of Fine & Applied Art, Sudan University for Science & Technology, Khartoum, 1996. Exhibited her work in Sudan and abroad, and participated in:

2009, LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2008 -2009 "Africa Now", Washington DC, US;
January 2007,participated in a group exhibition "Out of Bounds" at the Vital Voices of Africa Leadership summit for Women & Girls, Town, South Africa. The exhibition was curated by Mimi Wolford, Mbari Institute for Contemporary African Art; Anne B. Zill, Women’s Center for Ethics in Action OUT OF BOUNDS (Hors du Sentier Battu).

"Colors of Africa", organized by Mbari Institute and The Arts Council of Metropolitan Memorial UMC, Washington DC, 2004;

"Out of Bounds", organized by the Mbari Institute for Contemporary African Art, at the University of New England, Maine, US, 2004.

She founded the online gallery Sudan Artists Gallery http://www.sudanartists.org in 1999.

Rhonda Richmond

City, State: Thornton, CO
About Me:
I am a writer and I have been writing since the forth grade. My first book was not actually my own idea, it was my father's. The year he died he asked me to do something, ANYTHING, with my poems. I submitted them and on the day of his death I got a contract. Since, I have been writing to deal with emotion conflict.

My I'm passionate about:
I write for it. I attempt to get people to use writing to address all types of conflicts from learning disabilities to drug addition. I have co-authored a book with my children (based on a dream that my younger son had who is a struggling reader). I teach journal writing workshops at drug treatment centers, and I teach workshops to small women's groups.

Renee Gasch

United States
City, State: San Francisco, CA
Languages: English

Maxine Olson

City, State: Kingsburg, California
About Me:
I'm a visual artist. Born in a small town in California. I have created many paintings on women; three murals on different cultures, and digital images relating to spirituality and sexuality as it relates to the Holy Book's attitudes towards women, homosexuality, and war.
Studied at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, received a Master of Arts Degree from California State University, Fresno. I was a visiting Artist for three years at University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. Taught in their Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy. Taught at the Instituto Allende in Mexico one summer, and at various colleges in California. Have exhibited my work at various galleries, museums, and universities in this country as well as at the University of Calgary in Canada, during their Symposium on Tolerance, in Italy, and in the Azores Islands, during their Year of the Woman.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
Through painting and digital imaging and in images of myth and reality..on themes of sexuality and spirituality...I examine more fully what it is to be a woman in a world of absolutes and contradictions.


City, State: Porter Ranch, Ca
About Me:
I am a filmmaker, artist, writer and human rights activist supporting rights for mothers and women around the world through my films, writing, and blogs. I am a mother of five children. I used to be a police officer.
My blog is: http://WomenWithoutBorders.us
and my Film site:

My I'm passionate about:

Honors Senior English, Oakland School for the Arts

City, State: Oakland, CA
About Me:
Goals of the Oakland School for the Arts: *Students achieve best in an environment that is carefully balanced between high expectations and caring, well-designed support. *Schools function best when faculty, staff and administrators are creative, flexible and innovative in all areas of their work. *The arts and other creative endeavors stimulate critical thinking, natural curiosity about the world and their study results in greater success in all areas of school and life. *Collaboration among everyone in the school environment is essential to the success of the institution. *Families play a central role in student success and the creation of a school culture that is both rigorous and filled with joy and excitement. *There is a creative solution to every problem and challenge, and by working together these solutions can and will be found.

My Web Site:

Barbara J Hunt

Languages: English. The Language Of The Heart.
About Me:
I write and sing songs of the One Heart - love songs to the universe, singing it back to itself in delight and celebration of the awesome privilege of existence...

I write and sing everything from lullabies and tender acoustic songs to more uptempo edgy tracks and love to do guest vocals on hardcore dance music!

Imagine the sweet, clear voice of a loving angel, combined with the puzzling mind of a philosopher, the warm heart of a passionate woman and the soul of an ecstatic mystic, and accompany that with an idiosyncratic guitar style (often in open tunings) like Joni Mitchell-meets-John Martyn and that's mainly what I sound like!

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
I make myself available to the evolutionary process as consciously as I can - to see what wants to be made manifest through me next... Most recently, I've been loving singing lullabies to all the little babies of the world..!


About Me:

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
within first,then with-out.

Namita Kulkarni

City, State: Bombay, Maharashtra
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada
About Me:
Why I create art: A combination of reasons, founded quite simply on the fact that it is what I love doing. The blank canvas, to me, exemplifies infinity. While the sky may symbolize infinity to most others, I’m glad I see that infinity in something so tangible and within my reach – the “blank” canvas. Like life, it is what you make of it, and that is what makes its challenge so real to me.

Creating art is also a way of keeping a visual personal journal, for each painting/drawing is a visual “freeze-frame” capture of the fluid web of thoughts and sensitivities that I dwelled in during its creation. That is what endows each painting its peculiarity and individuality.

Being someone who’s thought process is far more visual than verbal, I realized early on that my creative instincts lend themselves far more naturally to visual expression rather than verbal. That, coupled with my need for ‘newness’, kept propelling me towards art as the perfect answer to that need.

The variety in my art is presumably a ramification of the dynamic medley that life has always been to me. The innumerable diversities, eccentricities and idiosyncrasies - geographical and human - one witnessed over the years, all gladly belong in my artistic arsenal today, waiting to be summoned in the creative process.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
By addressing contemporary social issues through my work to open the door to fresh perspectives in place of limiting ones.

Joanna Lipper

About Me:
Joanna Lipper is a filmmaker and author. She runs Sea Wall Entertainment, a company dedicated to the research, development and production of books and feature films. Ms. Lipper is currently a fellow at the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership. She holds a B.A from Harvard in Literature and Film, and an M.Sc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology from University College London and The Anna Freud Centre. Her first documentary, "Inside Out: Portraits of Children" premiered on the Sundance Channel and received the Hollywood Discovery Award. Her second documentary, "Growing Up Fast" was distinguished by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as one of the outstanding short documentaries of 1999. This film is available across the United States through Films For The Humanities and Sciences. Ms. Lipper’s documentary film about teen mothers was the inspiration for her acclaimed book, "Growing Up Fast" published by Picador in 2003. "Little Fugitive" premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2006 and marked her debut as a feature filmmaker. Ms. Lipper is attached to direct several new feature films which are currently in development. For more information please visit: www.joannalipper.com

Cheryl Braganza

City, State: Montreal, Quebec
Languages: English, French, Italian, Urdu and Konkani
About Me:
I am an artist, writer, musician and poet working actively with organizations that focus on human rights, especially women's rights.
Last year, 2008, I received the Montreal Woman of the Year Award from the Montreal Council of Women for having created awareness to the plight of the immigrant woman through my art.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
Through my writings and paintings, through inspirational speeches to groups and organizations which tell my life story and seem to empower others.

Jalaliyyih Quinn

City, State: Aurora, Colorado
About Me:
I am an artist who has lived for 19 years abroad, in Liberia and in China. Presently I live and work in Colorado.

My I'm passionate about:
Generally I show my work on line at my website
www.jalaliyyihquinn.com and I also do many public/private presentations of my art work and poetry

Fulvia Zambon

City, State: Brooklyn, NY
Languages: English-Italian

My Web Site:

Anjali Butley

My I'm passionate about:
Small positive change which will change the life of her, her family and society.


Robert Cortlandt

City, State: San Francisco, CA

Thinking Beyond Borders

About Me:
Thinking Beyond Borders is an 8 month program to educate youth about the economic, political, and cultural realities of our world while empowering them with the tools to create proactive social change. Through varied service learning opportunities, the itinerary immerses students in cultures and communities around the world to provide experiences with various issues of International Development. The curriculum challenges students to synthesize academic research and their collected observations into powerful conclusions about the nature of globalization, world hunger, human rights, cultural change, and political systems.

My I'm passionate about:
The program is designed for 16 students who have graduated high school and deferred their college enrollment. The program consists of an orientation followed by five weeks in each of four Core Countries. In these countries, students work with local NGOs to gain a deep understanding of the problems facing developing communities and the efforts made to address them. Simultaneously, students live with host families to build personal relationships with the local people and culture. Each Core Country is followed by an enrichment week that allows students to process their learning and engage in cultural and recreational activities. Finally, students return to the US for six weeks that include meeting representatives from the UN, World Bank, IMF, and other institutions and making presentations to educational and philanthropic organizations.

Alyson Aliano

City, State: LA, CA
About Me:
LA - NYC based photographer, shooting stills and documentary video

My I'm passionate about:
Through taking photos everyday

Brenda Paik Sunoo

City, State: Orange County, California
Languages: English, conversational Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.
About Me:
Third-generation Korean American writer and photojournalist. My husband, Jan, and I lived for 6 1/2 years in Hanoi, Vietnam (2002-2009). While living in SE Asia, I also traveled to Jeju Island, Korea to work on my third book about Korean women divers, known as "haenyeo." My first two books were published by Seoul Selection: "Seaweed and Shamans--Inheriting the Gifts of Grief" and "Vietnam Moment." I am also an online grief counselor with www.sharegrief.com and a Reiki master.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
As a writer and photojournalist, I've focused on a different country for each of my book projects--to expand the bridge building between global citizens. Each book is an homage to USA (my native homeland), Vietnam (my adopted homeland) and Korea (my ancestral homeland).


City, State: New York, New York
About Me:
New York artist born in Honduras.

My I'm passionate about:
With a constant re-invention of my creative expression.

Gigie Cruz

About Me:
Gigie Cruz is a development worker and freelance photographer.

My I'm passionate about:
I use my photography skills to bear witness and share stories on different social issues.

Sanaz Mazinani

City, State: Menlo Park, CA
About Me:
Sanaz Mazinani is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily with photographs. Born in Tehran, Iran, she currently lives and works in California, while pursuing her Masters in Fine Art at Stanford University. Mazinani’s art focuses on the photographic medium and its innate problems of representation. By critically engaging with personal mythologies on a symbolic level, she challenges the concept of perception.

Mazinani has been involved in numerous exhibitions, publications, and curatorial projects since the completion of her undergraduate degree at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003. The recipient of Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council grants, her work can be found in many private & public collections.

My I'm passionate about:
Through my photographs of Women living and working in Iran.

dipti desai


City, State: San Francisco, CA
About Me:
Photographer and writer in San Francisco.

My I'm passionate about:
Within, with others, on others, and together.

Wiley, Women in US

City, State: San Francisco, CA
Languages: English
About Me:
Lick Wilmerding High School is an independent high school located in San Francisco’s Excelsior District. The students in the senior history seminar titled “Women in US History” created multimedia projects exploring gendered issues relevant to their generation. These projects are a culmination of a semester of study examining the origination of and impact of gendered norms and societal expectations on the place of women in US History. The course study explored themes of sexuality, politics and legislation, religion, masculinity/femininity as well as identifiers such as race, class and sexual orientation.

Nina Pirtskhalava

About Me:
I'm journalist from the country of Rose revolution. Member of Georgian University Woman Association.

Lee Lee

City, State: Denver, CO
About Me:
From the intensity of the effects of war, to the calm of a gentle embrace, Lee Lee explores the diverse conditions of our world. Time spent in over 40 countries has led her to develop a wide range of painting styles by constantly experimenting with new techniques, materials and aesthetics which she appropriates to particular subjects. She attained a BFA in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited internationally. Recent projects include curating an exhibit on genocide for the Mizel Museum which grew into the opportunity to create an installation for the International Conference of Genocide Scholars in Sarajevo, receiving residency awards to the Vermont Studio Center and the Ragdale Foundation, and the inclusion in a poignant environmental themed exhibit, Extinction, at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

My I'm passionate about:
My paintings grow from direct international experiences in over 40 countries. I do not believe in the emergence of a singular global culture, to do so would be arrogant and blind. I do believe that we have the capacity to understand those who are very different from ourselves, and that this is a necessary undertaking as the world becomes more accessible on a global level.

The foundations of my work are built to reflect the day to day labors of people, while exploring the rituals they perform to give meaning to their lives. They are not lofty reflections of an idealized world, rather manifestations of an often gritty reality. I maintain a strong figurative tradition because I’ve learned that we are better able to grasp situations that are foreign to us simply by recognizing the human form. The abstract elements of painting allow for gestural expressions which expand our ability to understand subjects on an emotional level.

From the intensity of the effects of war, to the calm of a gentle embrace, I explore the diverse conditions of our world. While abroad, I approach a place with empathy, not judgment. Having explored many cultures, I’ve found the attempt to truly understand a place more important than simply echoing "exotic" appearances.

Exploration of the ways we are connected to each other as well as the environment is paramount to my work. I approach a variety of topics which has led me to a wide range in style as I strive to portray the emotional depths of my figures and their situations. Instead of imposing myself, I aspire to create genuine reflections by constantly experimenting with new techniques, materials and aesthetics that are appropriate to a specific subject.

Process is vital to my visual language. Encompassing pictorial oil on canvas paintings as well as abstracted figures set on experimental grounds, I delight in the personal development of artistic approaches. Perspective on the cyclical nature of life is retained by incorporating both historical reference and contemporary elements.

I struggle with the disregard of life, and strive to bring attention to those who have been marginalized as well as the disastrous environmental effects of our current lifestyle. Emphasizing balance, I use destructive processes to reflect the severities of life, while building imagery that demonstrates resilience and hope. Through this combination, I focus on the execution of marks to make multilayered and engaging paintings. I aspire to create beautiful work because I feel it's important to encourage a viewer to spend time to reach a deeper consideration of a subject, especially when severe.

Often I align myself with organizations who work in fields that have inspired me. In this way I broaden my audience beyond those who typically walk in art circles while giving back to the people and places which make up the foundation of my work. I'm a populist who enjoys dialogue with a wide range of communities.


About Me:

Cecilia Paredes

Vanessa Biasetti

City, State: Santa Barbara, Heredia
About Me:
Desde hace muchos años mi discurso plàstico ha intentado denunciar la violencia domèstica contra las mujeres a través de "herramientas" diarias elaborados con materiales naturales.

My I'm passionate about:

irene jaievsky

City, State: Buenos Aires, Cap. Fed.
About Me:
CURADORA DE MUSEOS (Holocausto // Arquitectura)
MIEMBRO DEL ICOM(Consejo Internacional de Museos)

Mtra. Silvana Gesualdo

City, State: DF, Mexico City
My I'm passionate about:
Necesary and vital

Ana Isabel Marten

City, State: San Jose, Costa Rica
Languages: Spanish
About Me:
Born in San Jose, Costa Rica.
In 30 years of artistic developement I have been involved in collective and individual exhibitions in several museums of Latin America.
Since 2003 I have been developing various techniques in videoart.

My I'm passionate about:
Filming, painting and creating new ways to express myself.

La Ciudad de las Diosas

About Me:
Comunidad virtual con perspectiva de género cuyo objetivo es aportar información actualizada en diferentes contextos mundiales que contribuya al alcance de la igualdad real entre mujeres y varones en la formación de las bases, legitimación y consolidación de derechos en nuestro presente y en un futuro próximo el alcance definitivo de una sociedad más justa y equitativa.

hannah kozak

City, State: Los Angeles, CA
Languages: English, Spanish
About Me:
Hannah Kozak was born and raised in Los Angeles. With a Kodak Brownie camera in hand she began to explore her fascination with photojournalism at the age of ten. For more than twenty years, her work as a stuntwoman in the film industry provided her the opportunity to capture candid, behind-the-scenes pictures that penetrated the illusion of Hollywood magic. Hannah's extensive travels have given her the ability to capture images of far away lands exploring the innocence and truth found in the faces of children all around the world. Hannah is currently working on photographing black and white nudes of women. "I really love taking pictures of women...it's a visceral experience for me, a soul to soul connection. I also love to photograph these subjects in black and white. It's an immediately abstract medium that is removed from reality by its very nature."

"I use my camera as a means of exploring my feelings and emotions. My photos are my emotional predicaments. When someone allows me to photograph them, they give me a piece of themselves that I can forever hold onto. In moments of melancholic desire and solitude, I can feel them again from the connection of our photos."

Hannah holds degrees in Spanish (B.A.) and Psychology (M.A.).

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
With my non violent, non competitive, breath.


City, State: Cambridge, MA
About Me:
Maryam Eskandari,a practicing Architect, is an online editor for Architecture Week Magazine and was the Associate Director of the American Institute of Architects. Ms. Eskandari graduated from the University of Arizona with a professional degree in Architecture. She is currently working on her post professional degree in the Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was the recipient of Aga Khan Architecture Travel Award for Modern and Contemporary Islamic Architecture in the West.

My I'm passionate about:
change comes from the foundation, and it starts with you.

Dr. Betty Baba

City, State: Hull-Gatineau, Quebec
Languages: French, English
About Me:
I am a researcher in sociology, and a specialist in gender studies, particularly women’s studies. My experiences in research are mainly in western and African gender issues. They have enabled me to develop a systemic and multidisciplinary approach in research.
As a specialist in women’s studies I can carry out research on gender issues, social and economic development of women. The dynamic of contemporary gender issues has always been of much interest to me; from single parenthood, the problematic of abortion, career evolution to social and economic emancipation of women in the modern era.

My I'm passionate about:
A feminist intervention is necessary through legal, social and political changes in women's status in society.

The achievement of women’s rights can be reinforced by implementation of a collective process of women’s empowerment in changing and promoting women rights.

Jessica Glennon-Zukoff

City, State: Oakland, CA
Languages: English (some German, some French)
About Me:
I'm a sophomore participant in the Young Women Speaking the Economy project chapter at Mills College in Oakland, California, where I'm double-majoring in Women's Studies and English Literature.

I identify as a radical feminist and I thrive on community-building, everyday activism, being sociopolitically engaged, making and appreciating art, writing, collaborating to bring resources (tangible, financial, and otherwise) where they're needed, speaking out/up, cooking creatively, and discovering new favorite places, all with people who inspire me.

My I'm passionate about:
Through words spoken. Notes. Pictures. Embraces. Laughter. Seemingly small choices - grocery store kind of choices. Noticeably large decisions - what I will expect from myself in my life. Moving - my body and to specific places. I exhibit personal change by expressing who I'm continually creating myself to be and THAT I am continually creating myself - expressing through conversation, written words, my aesthetic choices, my actions, my habits, my goals.

I exhibit change in social movements by embodying intersections of feminism, leftist politics, and femininity. I exhibit change by embracing its process and by revealing proudly and discussing perceived contradictions in the self I present to the world.

I exhibit change by acting on the understanding that what will truly change our world(s) is sharing and expressing our life experiences, finding solidarity and support in communities we create, crossing borders and oceans (both literal and figurative) to finally relate.

Bayan El-Bashier

About Me:
I was brought up in Saudi Arabia and went to an international school which had students of all nationalities, backgrounds & origins. I then moved to the Sudan at the age of 13 to attend high school & then left to the UK to do my A-levels. Having lived in the Middle East, Europe and Africa has given me such broad exposure & has helped make the person that I am today. Throughout my life I have had such diverse experiences which have shaped my perspective towards my academics, work & relationships with others. I often devoted myself to as many extracurricular activities as I could-speak out programs, student council, and taking part in national sports tournaments. Regarding my work experience; I worked at a Petroleum Equipments Company for three months which has enhanced my skills greatly & again worked at a bank for a month after my second year of university. I was also a translators (English to Arabic, Arabic to English) assistant at an NGO. Working with the translator helped develop my language skills immensely & gave me an idea of how NGOs operated. It also encouraged me to start learning a third language, French. My interests range from music, sports, photography, & travelling to politics & international affairs.

Ola Faisal Hassan

City, State: Khartoum city, Khartoum state
About Me:
Ola Faisal Hassan,Sudanese by birth.I'm studying at Ahfad uni. for women,school of Management studies,specialized in Business administratin in the final year before graduation.

My I'm passionate about:
I do exhibit change by sharing my own stories and difficulties I've been through and comparing it to other women of my age or older generation of women and how they would have deal with it if it has happened to them.

Eman Asim

Languages: Arabic - English
About Me:
Am 22 years old , member of small family I have one brother bigger than me and I haven't sisters ,born in Sudan left Sudan when I was 3 years old , back to Sudan when I was 20 years old for the study , Study at Ahfad University for Women(AUW) School of Management , Management Information System(MIS)specialization ,Fourth year student. Am very interesting in learning new languages so now am a student in Center Culture Français Khartoum(CCF) to learn french language .
Like sport,travel,reading and communicate with new people .

My I'm passionate about:
Generally I like change and am adapt with any community and people . But at the end I have my own believes that difficult to change.


Languages: Danish, English, German
About Me:
I participate in Young Women Speaking the Economy.
I do information studies in Århus, Denmark.

Anahi DeCanio

City, State: New York, New York
Languages: English and Spanish
About Me:
National Steinbeck Center - Honoring Women's Voices - WCA 40th Anniversary Exhibition
Guild Hall - East Hampton
Ashawagh Hall - East Hampton




My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:

Caitlin McCarthy

City, State: Worcester, MA

Donia Gobar

About Me:
A women born and raised in Afghanistan, physician, artist, writer, educator, humanist

My I'm passionate about:
Through thoughts, words, action, pictures and paintings

Fiamma Montezemolo

City, State: San Francisco, CA
About Me:
BIO Born in Rome, Fiamma Montezemolo is both a Cultural Anthropologist (Ph.D, University Oreintale of Naples) and an artist (MFA, SFAI). As an established scholar in border and urban studies, she has patiently designed rigorous and long-term ethnographic-artistic interventions at the Tijuana-San Diego border where she has also resided and taught for many years. As an artist she situates her work as a critical extension and overcoming of the ethnographic turn in contemporary art during the 1990s. In addition to ethnography, a research method she also considers an emerging medium for art practices, she works with various media, including installation, cartography, video, digital photography, industrial materials, performance, archival documents. Her art practice straddles various disciplines, sensibilities and methodologies, including institutional critique, social art, and indigenous media. Among her most recent group exhibitions, performances and screenings are: 2011 Guest-Artist in Proyecto Coyote, MDE11 (Medellin Biennale), Colombia 2011 The New Wave, Kadist, San Francisco 2011 You Are Here, HERE, New York 2011 Bay Area Currents, ProArt, Oakland 2011 Out of Context, Gallery 454, San Francisco 2011 MFA show, Winery, Treasure Island 2010 Borders, Root Division Art Gallery, San Francisco 2010 Sensing Territories, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco 2010 Ethnographic Terminalia, Du Mois Gallery, New Orleans 2010 Reading Performance Workshop (as part of Renee Green’s solo exhibition Endless Dreams & Time-based Streams), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Her work "Fireflies' is part of the Kadist Foundation Art collection (Paris-San Francisco).

My I'm passionate about:
Displaying the process


About Me:
I am an Israeli artist borned in France.Have been exhibiting my oil paintings all over the world these last years.Married and have two adult children.

Antje Rook

About Me:


City, State: wuse 2, FCT Abuja
About Me:
I am a devoted Christian and so much love Jesus my savior. am a nurse midwife and as well practice in my country Nigeria as a public health practitioner. i work in area of supporting the lives of mothers and children. Nomso is a lovely person anyone would like to associate with. i hate to do anything with anybody who doesnt see anything good in me.

My I'm passionate about:
Through attitude display


About Me:
I am a Maltese woman, very much in favour of womens' rights. I worked for three years with the Malta Red Cross, and for the past almost 3 years with the Refugee Commission. I visited detention centres and i could see what detention can do to people, especially to women.......i also heard horrible stories of women and their perilous journeys at the hand of human traffickers.

My I'm passionate about:
By writing some of the experiences, i met both in detention centres and even out of the centres of women and their hardships, of women and their submissions.

Margaret Silverman

City, State: orinda, ca
Languages: english
About Me:
I am a San Francisco Bay Area multi-media artist. My primary medium is photography. I am interested in gender politics,cultures of the world, personal identity. I am interested in woman's stories, their ideas and their thoughts. I have traveled for many, many years recording the woman and children that I meet.
I am also a mother of two, wife and sister to many.

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
I exhibit change through my art.

Cecilia Gaerlan

About Me:

Chantelle Tibbs

About Me:


About Me:
I am Rwandan and work with Jhpiego-Rwanda (an International NGO that focuses on MDG 4 and 5) as Information and Technology Officer.

My I'm passionate about:
My colleagues and I Technically support The Rwanda Ministry of Health in the area of Maternal and Child health.

Kate Clere

City, State: Tamarama, NSW

Ms Nilanjana Sanyal (INDIA)

City, State: Jamshedpur,INDIA, Jharkhand,INDIA
About Me:
My dear sisters of America,

My name is Nilanjana Sanyal and I was born in the city of Jamshedpur,INDIA.I went to two Convent and prayed at Chapel,was also a part of the choir.I went to school in Delhi (University)which I topped,followed by Human Rights Law and Film making and photography and finally winding it all up with a Certificate in "Women Writing,Lives Changing" from Catherine of Siena Virtual College,OHIO to which I am Ambassador.This provided selected women participants from all the world to come together and express and write fearlessly and conscientiously on issues concerns concerning women worldwide from mother and child health to motherhood to crimes against humanity,domestic violence,feminine sexuality etc.I have also been been associated with several organizations and following an extremely powerful life struggle which has retarded my travel,I have published four books including one from Germany as well as a novel.I have been nominated for several awards including the Tech Awards for humanity and continue to work,love,pray and surrender following my struggle in Jamshedpur,INDIA.

My I'm passionate about:
Starting with Gandhi,I believe that one ought to "be the change one wishes to see in the world..." Considering my personal limitations of travel,I have taken to writing as a full time passion.My books carry names that are characteristic of change:1)"Imagine...A Better World";2)"Peace Loving Nations";3)"my novel "An American Boy" talks of peace and finally,"The End of Inequality" talks about the deep chasm between the rich and the poor.Notwithstanding,I am creative in other ways as well with a former Liberal Arts Education,photography and music among others.


About Me:
Directora y guionista documental.


City, State: 2137, Maharashtra
About Me:
iam a hard working and spiritual i love to explore new things and i wish i will do something new in this web.

My I'm passionate about:
i exhibit change by understanding the thing by knowing the whole concept and exhibit with full confidence and hard work.

Denise Kumani Gantt

About Me:

Margaret Lazarus

City, State: Santa Barbara, CA
About Me:
Documentary filmmaker, author and teacher

My I'm passionate about:
By creating work that is experienced in a way that brings what is in the hearts and minds of the viewers to meet the work. From this synthesis comes change

Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

My Web Site:


City, State: DURHAM, North Carolina
About Me:
I am half of brand marketing studio Design Kompany. My husband is the other half, and our son is the boss. DK helps people articulate authentic brand messages.

I also draw with Sharpies, and my art site is Wavular.com.

After a decade away to Ireland and Seattle, I am back in my home town of Durham, NC, USA. You can read more about me here: http://flavors.me/wavular


Hima B.

City, State: NY, NY
About Me:
I'm an independent filmmaker

LaDonna Witmer

About Me:


About Me:
Sikiliza also known as Melissa Wainaina is a Kenyan based writer who enjoys photography. She is a feminist who believes in the totality, beauty and diversity of womanhood. She co-authored "Crisis Philanthropy" that highlighted Kenyan giving during the Post Election Crisis. She further authored "Building Bridges." She runs a consultancy Sikiliza Ink that deals with logistic, research and planning of corporate, NGO, arts and culture interactions and events in Africa. She is also the Kenya Correspondent for Behind the Mask www.mask.org.za

My I'm passionate about:
I use my writing and photography to advocate for human rights..

Esther Solonka

City, State: Laguna woods, CA
About Me:
I m Kenyan by birth and I live in the United States. I m a mother of three beautiful girls.

My I'm passionate about:
I m a teacher by profession, have taught high school in Kenya for over en years.Through my work I exhibit change in the life of my students.I speak for he girls in my community who endangered to go through female circumcision which is a cultural practice.

Claudette Dean

About Me:

Mara {A Blog About Love}

City, State: Brooklyn, NY
About Me:
I am 34 years old. I do not have children, but my desire for Motherhood has been the catalyst for the greatest changes of my life! I have become a better woman, driven by the love I have for my unborn children and my desire to be a good mother for them NOW as I await their arrival. I write about my experiences & encourage other women to face their trials with strength on a blog that is receiving readership worldwide: {A Blog About Love}. www.ablogaboutlove.com

My I'm passionate about:
I learned how to face infertility with faith, hope, and love opposed to fear, doubt, anger, and worry. I literally changed the way I see life and the way I see trials. It has been the most empowering experience of my life.

Akua Kariamu

About Me:

Alysha Coleman

About Me:


Languages: Spanish, English, some Italian
About Me:
Textile artist


My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
with my artist work doing conceptual art

Zsuzsanna Gellér-Varga

About Me:

Lisa Manterfield

About Me:

Tendai Ziyambe

City, State: Harare, Zimbabwe
About Me:
I am an Arts and Crafts Consultant with a diploma in ethnomusicollogy. I'm also a director, Choreographer,Writer, Producer, Costume/ Stage Designer, Musician, Dancer, Lecturer and Researcher

My I'm passionate about:
I exhibit change with a song called 'Soaring High'.I sang this song with accompaniment of my son Kudzaishe Mukuzunga. The song describes the experience of a mother in Zimbabwe's undesirable economy, but it is surprising how mothers push through like an eagle.It hunts for the little one's food. It never stays on a single place. Just to make sure that there is enough. In Shona we say 'Gondo Hari Shayi'; meaning an eagle does not lack.

Fakhriya Al-Yahyai

About Me:
Fakhriya Al-Yahyai lives in the Sultanate of Oman, Educational Qualifications:

• PhD in Fine Art from De Montfort University, UK- 2004.
• MA in Art and Design Education from The University of Wales, UK-1998
• BA in Art Education from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 1995.

• Member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Oman.
• Member of the Youth Art Studio, Oman.

Research Interest:
Visual Art, Visual Thinking, Post Modernism, Feminism Art, Art Heritage, & researches regarding painting & drawing

Judge Panels:
• A member of the judging Panel for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos prize for the Quality of Omani Handcrafts. Muscat, 2010.
• A member of the judging panel for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos prize for the cultural and artistic creative, Muscat 2006.
• The Head of the judging Panel" for "Muscat Festival", "Asala program" Oman TV , 1/1/20 - 12/2/2009
• A member of the judging Panel" for "Muscat Festival", "Asala program" , Oman TV , 12/1 to 12/2/2008
• judging Panel creation Art Exhibition , Muscat Festival ,Bait Al Baranda Museum - 3/2008 ,organized by Muscat Municipality
• Judging Panel of "Charisma 3", Sultan Qaboos University 15/3 to 1/4/2008, Oman.

Art Exhibitions:
• The eighth Solo exhibition "reflection”, Oman, Bait Al Baranda Museum, 7-12 November- 2009.
• The seventh Solo exhibition "compositions of colour", The Omani Society for fine Art, 2-7/2008, Oman.
• The sixth Solo exhibition "Shadow of Light" Oman, Cultural Club, 1-15/ Sep.2007.
• Participating in the Art Exhibition in the festival of poem and plastic art "dream between brush and poem" July 2007, Cultural Club.
• The fifth Solo exhibition "Eye for Creativity" at Bait Muzna, from March to April 2006.
• Participated in the International Art Exhibition, Oman. Jan. 2006
• The 4th Solo exhibition at De Montfort University, Sep 2004.
• The Third Solo art exhibition, "Metaphysic of Fabric" the at the City Gallery Exhibition, Leicester, UK, 9 th -13th Mar. 2004.
• Participated in the Second Circle show for Contemporary Art Exhibition at Culture Club, Muscat, 2004.
• The Second Solo Art Exhibition "Another way of Seeing" at Trinity House, De Montfort University, UK 26th Feb. 19th Mar 2002.
• The First Solo Art Exhibition "The vision" at De Montfort University- Gateway House.21-25 Oct. 2002- UK.

• Participated in "The Symposium of Omani, GCC & Residences Women Artists", holed in the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Oman, 23-27 January 2010.
• The Grant Writing and Publishing workshop, Northern Kentucky University, 14-17 February-2009.
• Participated in "spring board: Women's Self Development Program", organized by the British Council, Oman, April 2009.
• Holding a workshop in the Liverpool Museum, Jun. 2003.
• Participated in "Still" Art Exhibition with other two artists at Drumcroon Wigan Education Art Centre, UK. 5Nov. -13 Dec. 2002.

Publications: (Journals, conferences &Symposiums)

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2010). The Artistic and Aesthetics Values of the Islamic Manuscripts in the Arabian and Persian schools. 4-5 April (2010) , UAE.
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya & Al-Amri, Mohammed (2009). Professional Standards in the Contemporary Art Education, A paper presented to the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) 54th World Assembly, Muscat, 14-17 Dec., 2009.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2009) The Omani Heritage motives as an approach to teach the course of Modern Painting for the Students in Art Education Department at Sultan Qaboos University, Researches in Art Education and Arts, Helwan University., 26 (26), pp.21 – 42.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2009). The Role of Art Extra Curricular Activities in the Life of University Students, Paper submitted to: The first student's conference, Nizwa University. Oman.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2008). The Impact of The Appreciations standards of post-Modernism in the Art Production of Students in the Art Education Department in the Sultan Qaboos University in the course of Project in Contemporary and Modern Art. Researches in Art Education & Arts, Helwan Univ., V. 23 (23), pp. 19-98

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2008). The Contribution of New Technologies in the Fine Arts, a Paper submitted to: The International Scientific Conference "Fine Arts Egypt - 100 Years of Creativity" held by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt on the occasion of its Centennial (1908 – 2008).

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2007) The Place of Heritage in fine Arts in the Cultural Challenges. Paper submitted to The Knowledge Society Conference: Social, Cultural and Languical Challenges in the Arab World, Sultan Qaboos University, 2-4 December 2007.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2007). "The movement of Feminism Art in Oman" in the festival of poem and plastic art "dream between brush and poem" July 2007, Cultural Club.
• Published a book entitled "Plastic Art in Oman" 2006.

Published Books:
Al-Yahiayi, Fakhriya, Al-Amri, Mohammed (2006) The Plastic Art in Oman. Tunisia: The Arabic League Educational Culture and Scientific Organization (ALECSO). (in Arabic)

Researches sent for Publications: [Joint research]
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya. Installation Art as an Approach to Teaching Contemporary Art in the Art-Project Course for Sultan Qaboos University Students: A Study of Philosophical and Critical Concepts and Practical Implementations.
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya. A Suggested Teaching Program for Appreciating the Aesthetics Criteria for the Manuscripts, and its Impact on the Students Art Productions ِAt Sultan Qaboos University.

Mie Cornoedus

City, State: Yogyakarta, DIY, Java
About Me:
For the last 15 years I have been based in Yogyakarta. I am submerged in beauty, distaste, noise, silence, peace, violence, poverty, luxury, happiness and disaster. My surroundings are a sensual surfeit, a place that makes people humans, a haven for someone with a camera and desire to tell stories.

My I'm passionate about:
I set up and run a project on sustainable tourism in Yogyakarta with extra focus on empowering women.
The project, ViaVia, includes a restaurant, an alternative travel agency, cross-cultural and community training centre, alternative gallery for young artists, and most recently a lodge based on the principles of social enterprises solely run and owned by local women.


City, State: white plains, NY
About Me:
i am a graphic designer and artist.

My I'm passionate about:
i love change and actually am a person who changes something in herself every once in a while, i cannot live in too much of a routine lifestyle and this reflects also in my work, i have my styles and the evolve in time.


Dr. Pamela Russ

City, State: New Orleans, MS
About Me:
A mother,

My I'm passionate about:
By providing opportunities for women and children to express themselves through writing. Writing can began the healing process, by allowing one to voice their feeling.It is estimated that there are 10 million children and women in the United States living in homes with domestic violence.


About Me:
I'm a photojournalist based in Oslo. I work for VGHELG, the weekendmagazine for norways largest national daily VERDENS GANG. I'm currently specializing in filmmaking at NISS (Nordic institute of scene and studio) in Oslo.

My I'm passionate about:
I exhibit change by embrazing the unexpected.

Beth Osnes

City, State: Boulder, CO
About Me:
activist, artist, scholar, writer, Founder of Striking the Match: performance to ignite positive social change, www.strikingthematch.org

My I'm passionate about:
I create performance pieces on social issues that offer a different perspective. I use interactive performance as a tool for women to strengthen their own voices for change.


Shira Richter

About Me:
Multidiciplinary Artist. I work with Film, Photography, Writing, Story telling. I'm A Speaker and Activist -with my artistic projects- on behalf of Gender issues -human and women's rights. I am a bridge - I simplify academia and complicate the "street" one to the other. I communicate the feminine to the masculine and visversa.

My I'm passionate about:
In my way of being and doing in the world. In my work.By doubting and questioning everything with a hungry curiosity.

Gabrielle Jamela Hosein

City, State: St Augustine, Trinidad
Languages: English
About Me:
I teach at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies. I am involved in Caribbean feminist movement building, write poetry, paint t-shirts, and write a mothering blog called Momentous Trivialities: Diary of a Mothering Worker.

My I'm passionate about:
I teach an activist oriented Women's Studies course and through this engage in consciousness raising, strategy sharing and solidarity building, I also invent and facilitate workshops with a wide variety of groups across the Caribbean region. I also coordinate a research project on women, power and politics in the Anglophone Caribbean. Finally, though I have less time for much since my baby was born, I hope to get back to my creative outlets of performance poetry, t-shirt painting and video-blogs such as 'If I was Prime Minister'.

Jorge Caballero | Gusano Films

City, State: Bogota, Bogota
About Me:


City, State: Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
About Me:
WABA (The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action)is a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide based on the Innocenti Declaration, the Ten Links for Nurturing the Future and the WHO/UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding.

My I'm passionate about:
By creating creative projects that will inspire people worldwide to participate and be involve to promote, protect and support breastfeeding by celebrating and supporting women as mothers, workers and nurturers.

Martha Gelarden

City, State: Collingswood, NJ
Languages: English
About Me:
I am a First Mother that surrendered my only child 36 years ago. This was a closed adoption and we had no contact for 34 years. Professionally my studio art practice focuses on issues of identity, culture and society. For the past 25 years I have been teaching, sculpture and installation, including the last 10 years at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. Everything changed 2 years ago when I received an e-mail from my son, who is also an artist. Now in reunion we have collaborated to develop the installation and sound-work, Legacy in Limbo.

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My I'm passionate about:
I hope to support the opening of closed adoption records and stop the practice of closed adoption through the installation Legacy in Limbo, 2010. This installation includes the unanswered questions that my son and I both shared. "Who am I really?" "Are you OK?" "Have you forgotten about me?" "Have you replaced me?".
We wrote these on vinyl as an LP is a single narrative timeline, with two sides that can never meet.
Viewers can flip through boxes of sealed 'adoption records' while listening to the secret conversation between Mother and Child on headphones.

I also present performance lectures and tell our story, to show that millions of children have been denied access to their true identities.

Diane LeBow

City, State: San Francisco, CA
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Diane LeBow has been on the barricades for women’s rights since the birth pangs in the late 1960’s of our recent women’s movement. A pioneer of college women’s studies and reentry programs, she received her Ph.D. from the University of California, with a focus on the history of feminist consciousness, began her teaching career in The Netherlands, and was a college professor for many years in Paris, New York City, and California, teaching women’s studies and English. Diane has received grants from the Ford Foundation and NEH to further her work in feminist and multicultural educational development.
Based in San Francisco, Diane, President emerita of the Bay Area Travel Writers, Inc., has published stories with Salon.com, Via Magazine, Travelers Tales and Seal Press anthologies. Her story about her experiences working with women in Afghanistan is included in The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010 (Travelers’ Tales). Diane’s many awards for her writing and photography include two time Solas Travelers’ Tales Gold Awards, BATW Planet Earth, and Writers’ Digest. She travels the globe and has spent time with peoples in many cultures, including Afghan women, Libyans, the Hopi, Amazon people, Tuvans, Mongolians, and Corsicans. She has scuba dived with sharks in the Red Sea and trained champion Morgan horses. She is currently working on a book about the ways people around the world find contentment

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Through my writing, lectures, and photography.

Christine Arylo

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I am on a mission to create a world in which every girl and woman is born in love with herself... and stays in love with herself. Where being Madly in Love with Yourself is an OF COURSE! Download a free Self-Love snack - the Madly in Love with ME kit http://www.madlyinlovewithme.com

Asha J. Williams

City, State: Virginia Beach, VA
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Asha J. Williams enjoys writing poetry about a variety of topics. She lives in Virginia and enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and extended family.

Maria Jasmine

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SERVING the community and sharing my blessings in life...


City, State: Summertown, Tennessee
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I am a poet, artist, activist dedicating my life to peace, justice, freedom for all.

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I continue to learn and dance through the changes.

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