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Global Oneness Project

About Me:
The Global Oneness Project is a web-based film project that documents our growing understanding of what it means to be part of one interconnected, interdependent world. Our short films and interviews feature people on six continents, working in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, agriculture, economics, indigenous culture, social justice, and politics. Using new media technologies to spread these stories globally, the project encourages broad dialogue about our responsibility to each other and to life as a whole. These short films and interviews can be viewed and downloaded for free from our website. Also available as DVDs, these films can be used as an educational resource to start conversations in your schools and communities. The DVD includes ten short films, and the accompanying conversation guide is full of questions to inspire dialogue around the themes and issues raised in these videos. Many of the videos are available with subtitles in multiple languages, and all of the videos can be translated through an open source translation tool available on our website (called DotSub).

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Visit www.globalonenessproject.org to see how we exhibit change and to learn more about Global Oneness Project.

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