"Exhibiting You" - Author

Regina José Galindo

About Me:
Regina José Galindo was born in Guatemala in 1974. She has participated in the 49th and 51st Biennale of Venice, and in the latter she won the Golden Lion Award given to the young and most accomplished artists. Her work has been featured internationally in numerous acclaimed exhibits and festivals like the Biennale of Art and Architecture in the Canaries, the Biennales of Prague, Lima, Albania, Moscow, Venice and Istanbul. She has exhibited her work in the festivals in Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, New York, Italy and France, among many others. Her work is part of the permanent museum collections in Rivoli, Torino, Italy; Foundation Daros in Zurich, Switzerland; and Miami Art Museum, Miami, USA. Recently Italian Vanillaedizioni publisher in collaboration with the PrometeoGallery of Ida Pisan published a book about Regina. In 1999 she published her book of poetry entitled Personal e Intransmisible.

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