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Luz Lajous Vargas

About Me:
Luz is an I.M.O.W. Global Council Member and a prominent Mexican business woman and active politician. She is the founder of and serves on the board of Pro Mujer-Mexico, a nonprofit organization operating in four Latin American countries, whose purpose is to empower poor women through micro loans for small businesses. Luz has been active in promoting US-Mexican business relationships, studying linkages between the two governments and examining cross-border issues. Recently, the work of Pro Mujer-Mexico was highlighted on October 30th, 2006 in The New Yorker. Click here to read the article She is a past president of the International Women's Forum, one of the foremost global women’s leadership organizations, which provides access, information, leadership exchange, and development for women on issues of international concern. She is the founder and former managing director of Russell Reynolds Associates, Mexico, a leading global executive recruitment firm, with thirty seven offices worldwide. While involved in politics in Mexico, she was also the president of the Mexican Legislative Committee. Luz has served as executive vice president of the Nucleo Radio Mil radio network, secretary general of the Mexico City Chapter of the Partido Revolutionario, and as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co.

My I'm passionate about:
Founder and Board Member, Pro Mujer-Mexico Founder, Former Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates, Mexico Former Member, Mexican Congress, House of Representatives and Senate Past President, International Women’s Forum

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