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Beatriz Merino

About Me:
As the first female Ombudsman in Latin America, I.M.O.W. Global Council Member Dr. Beatriz Merino has become an independent watchdog and the Defensora del Pueblo (People’s Defender). Since 2005 she has protected the rights of Perú’s citizens - promising to “dedicate (her) work to those who do not have a voice.” Dr. Merino is a tireless advocate for the Peruvian people, legally able and willing to challenge the president, the courts or the police to preserve their rights and freedoms. In 2003, Dr. Merino was the first woman elected as Prime Minister of a Latin American country. In governing Perú in that capacity, she vowed to uphold “democracy based on consensus (and) harmony.” Recognized as a leader in women’s issues, Dr. Merino served in the Peruvian Senate from 1990 to 2002, as a Congresswoman from 1995 to 2000, presiding over the Women’s Committee of the Congress of the Republic of Perú, and has written two books addressing issues concerning women and the law in her country.

My I'm passionate about:
Dr. Merino has graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Harvard Law School. Before embarking on a public service career, she was a senior partner at Merino and Reaño Attorneys at Law and senior specialist at the World Bank.

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