"Exhibiting You" - Author

Anastasia M. Ashman

City, State: San Francisco, California
About Me:
ANASTASIA ASHMAN is the cultural writer/producer behind the Expat Harem book and discussion site. (http://www.expatharem.com)

The Californian has been on a global rollercoaster: fired in Hollywood, abandoned on a snake-infested island off Borneo, married in an Ottoman palace, interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today show.

She brings it all home as the cofounder of the “Web 3.0 & Life 3.0” transformational media startup GlobalNiche.net, empowering creative, adventurous, self-improving people to tap into a wider world of personal and pro opportunity no matter where you are. 

Download your own copy of the Global You manifesto here: http://globalniche.net/the-global-you

My Web Site:

My I'm passionate about:
I'm cofounder of a Web 3.0 & Life 3.0 transformational media startup (http://GlobalNiche.net/) showing people how to create more opportunities for personal and professional growth using their global web platform. A big part of that is tapping into psychographic communities around the world to support their way of being, and help them grow unlimited by their physical and local surroundings. I call it being "globally unbound". I do this in all things, and show others how to do it too.

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