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Namita Kulkarni

City, State: Bombay, Maharashtra
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada
About Me:
Why I create art: A combination of reasons, founded quite simply on the fact that it is what I love doing. The blank canvas, to me, exemplifies infinity. While the sky may symbolize infinity to most others, I’m glad I see that infinity in something so tangible and within my reach – the “blank” canvas. Like life, it is what you make of it, and that is what makes its challenge so real to me.

Creating art is also a way of keeping a visual personal journal, for each painting/drawing is a visual “freeze-frame” capture of the fluid web of thoughts and sensitivities that I dwelled in during its creation. That is what endows each painting its peculiarity and individuality.

Being someone who’s thought process is far more visual than verbal, I realized early on that my creative instincts lend themselves far more naturally to visual expression rather than verbal. That, coupled with my need for ‘newness’, kept propelling me towards art as the perfect answer to that need.

The variety in my art is presumably a ramification of the dynamic medley that life has always been to me. The innumerable diversities, eccentricities and idiosyncrasies - geographical and human - one witnessed over the years, all gladly belong in my artistic arsenal today, waiting to be summoned in the creative process.

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My I'm passionate about:
By addressing contemporary social issues through my work to open the door to fresh perspectives in place of limiting ones.

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