"Exhibiting You" - Author


City, State: Mountain view, ca
About Me:
I am a feminist painter. As an immigrant I have always straddled between the image of a very strong liberated and individualistic American, yet at the same time lived in the shadow of the land that beckons my belonging. My work is to bring awareness of the fears of loosing myself in the concreteness of this country and yet to celebrate the freedom it has brought to my thoughts. I am an artist hoping to find solace in the women I paint who either are struggling to break free from the norms of society or are stating their individualism without any regrets.

My I'm passionate about:
Change is within us, we are women of power and substance. Change is to liberate ourselves first from the expectations of society. My painting reminds my audience that we are unique and are individualism is the beginning point of change, within us and for change around us. Women are the thread to a family, society and each other human unit that belongs in this society. Hence accept and embrace the facets that are “US”.

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