"Exhibiting You" - Author

Jane Evershed

City, State: Springbrook, WI
About Me:
I have been painting and writing to empower women to their rightful seats at the table of global consequence now for over twenty years. I was born in the UK and grew up in South Africa during the height of Apartheid and witnessed the oppression of people firsthand as a child. This experience informs my art to this day. I have also produced many published works regarding the state of the earth's ecology. In 1984 I moved to the US where I have run my art business since 1989. I am first a mother, second an artist and then a poet writer and public speaker concerned with the parallels of the destruction of women and the destruction of earth.

My I'm passionate about:
Through positive imagery of women and other visions that counter the all pervasive violent imagery of the mainstream media. I depict humans as deeply connected to nature. I depict change through my writing and art series such as"The Realm of the nurturing Man, The Rights of children, The Power of woman and the Scarred, sacred Earth series.

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