"Exhibiting You" - Author


City, State: Kanpur, UP
Languages: Hindi
About Me:
i would like to participate in the show. sending you the artwork there are digital artwork. I am research scholar from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan, India and my topic is Indian Digital Art. In this research I am conducting a thought-experiment that I am envisioning and testing the art theories in regard to digital art, and what Indian artist think about it.

In my digital art, I have given the empty space a form which is my feelings and a story to tell. The artwork is celebration of colours, the dance of shapes, rhythm of lines. I really enjoyed making all these artwork.

My digital artwork is consisting of my expressions, like what I see and what I feel. It’s my belief that if the though is generated, nurtured and exposed as art, hence it’s preserved for ages. In this way I can say “the thought” has much importance then the medium.

let me know what is possibility.
with regards.

My I'm passionate about:
Hope, these artworks will heal wounds of the injured soul as it healed mine and that’s my ultimate purpose.

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