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Irene Natividad

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I.M.O.W. Global Council Member Irene Natividad is the founder and president of the Global Summit of Women and co-chair of Corporate Women Directors International. Originally from the Philippines, she previously acted as founder and president of Asian American Professional Women, founding director of the National Network of Asian-Pacific American Women, and the Child Care Action Campaign.

In 1985, she was elected to chair the National Women’s Political Caucus, becoming the first Asian-American to head a national women’s organization. In 1988, her work on the Political Caucus’ Coalition for Women’s Appointments, to promote women candidates for high administrative posts, led to a substantial increase in appointments for women in the first Bush administration. Irene has also served as chair of the National Commission on Working Women in the United States and in 1996, she helped increase voter registration and education by aiding the development of "Project Vote Smart." Currently, Irene is the national chair of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Women for Hillary and president of Globalwomen Inc.

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President, The Global Summit of Women
Co-Chair, Corporate Women Directors International
Former Chair, National Women’s Political Caucus

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