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Rozlyn de Bussey

City, State: Griffith, ACT
Languages: English
About Me:
I am an Independent Accredited Professional Artist who works in the medium of Glass Art and I also volunteer my services to people known as Forgotten Australians.
Being a Forgotten Australian also means we face discrimination on all levels of social interaction.
This includes employment and continues down to the basic fundamentals of living, due to ongoing Governments and NGO's who do not care about our situation, and have caused our lack of skills in so many areas of our life that people who have not endured our lives take for granted.

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My I'm passionate about:
As a Forgotten Australian I have had the opportunity of helping other people who have had similar experiences as I did as an infant and into adult hood.
There are many kinds of people who are considered Forgotten Australians. For example, children whose fathers served in wars and upon their return could not cope. Others were placed in orphanages due to a parent dieing.
Other Forgotten Australians were people who were placed in both Government and Non-Government run, out of home care situations during their mother's young pregnancy. Some of these infants were both governmentally adopted and others were privately adopted through the many Non-Government organisations that were available at the time of my birth in the 1950's and continued these inhuman practices into the 80's. Many of the practices used towards relinquishing mothers were barbaric in their nature.I have never met a relinquishing mother who has not been damaged by what they endured whilst pregnant.
Some of the adoptions were to dysfunctional families who abused these then infants into their adult hood. I have been able to help some of those people who were adopted into dysfunction and or were sent to orphanages or Government Children's Gaols. Or all of the above.
Forgotten Australians are multicultural in our ethnicity but as infants we were systematically abused and our identities were changed. So many people now in their later ages of life still cannot read or write.
Nor do they have access to their complete identities. Many have lived lives of poverty and are still unaware of their human rights in this country.
Realistically speaking, it is their lack of Human Rights in the country we were born in and is called Australia.
Many Forgotten Australians including myself, have few Human Rights.Australia is not meant to be a third world country but this is how a good many of us have been treated. We are fortunate to now have a number of lobby groups who also try to assist Forgotten Australians within the political arena.
Some of the lobby groups are The Alliance For Forgotten Australians, The Child Migrants Trust, ORIGINS and CLAN. These lobby groups have also greatly contributed to a number of Federal Senate Inquiries regarding our lack of Human Rights and ask for legislative changes for all States and Territories in Australia on our behalf.
So far the going has been slow but changes have been made although there are so many legislative changes needing to be made now as we grow into older age.

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