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Thinking Beyond Borders

About Me:
Thinking Beyond Borders is an 8 month program to educate youth about the economic, political, and cultural realities of our world while empowering them with the tools to create proactive social change. Through varied service learning opportunities, the itinerary immerses students in cultures and communities around the world to provide experiences with various issues of International Development. The curriculum challenges students to synthesize academic research and their collected observations into powerful conclusions about the nature of globalization, world hunger, human rights, cultural change, and political systems.

My I'm passionate about:
The program is designed for 16 students who have graduated high school and deferred their college enrollment. The program consists of an orientation followed by five weeks in each of four Core Countries. In these countries, students work with local NGOs to gain a deep understanding of the problems facing developing communities and the efforts made to address them. Simultaneously, students live with host families to build personal relationships with the local people and culture. Each Core Country is followed by an enrichment week that allows students to process their learning and engage in cultural and recreational activities. Finally, students return to the US for six weeks that include meeting representatives from the UN, World Bank, IMF, and other institutions and making presentations to educational and philanthropic organizations.

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