"Exhibiting You" - Author

Fiona McDougall

City, State: San Francisco, CA
About Me:
I am a photojournalist with over 20 years international experience. My assignments have taken me all over the world, to remote locations in Africa where I lived for 8 years as well as Europe and Americas. I was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize by The New York Times in 1993 for my coverage of Somalia. I currently have my own marketing and advertising agency, OneWorld Communications in San Francisco, www.owcom.com where I oversee all creative services for pubic service campaigns and corporate projects.

My I'm passionate about:
Well this needs more thought, than I have time for here. But essentially, I believe one needs to change internally, to be flexible and open, in order to be able to make changes in the world. In addition, I would like to think that my images also would encourage viewers to shift and change their way of looking at the world. For some examples of my work:

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