"Exhibiting You" - Author


City, State: Olney, MD
About Me:
I Puerto Rican and Hungarian. My father was a Holocaust survivor. He and his mother are the only two in the family who survived the Holocaust and taught me how to be resilient. I am a psychologist, focusing on research in addiction, HIV/AIDS and violence against women. Most of my work is focused on gender and minority issues.

My I'm passionate about:
In my work, I have the opportunity to create change by conducting projects in the U.S. and in Africa and Latin America on relevant issues, such as addiction, HIV/AIDS and violence against women. I also have had the opportunity to take photos that exhibit the power of women around the world when I travel for my research. I also have been fortunate to be able to start my own company where I have been able to establish a culture of supporting women and promoting and supporting their professional and personal growth.

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