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Leading Ladies' Network

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About Me:
A social enterprise founded to:
1. Cultivate, nurture and sustain leadership among tertiary-level and young professional women.
2. Promote dialogue and advocacy on issues peculiar to the development of women.
3. Promote networking and positive relationship cultivation among the genders.
4. Rally women to engage in social change projects that enhance the quality of life of the vulnerable.

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The Leading Ladies'Network supports women as they progress in higher education and on their career paths, by implementing programs and providing resources that enhance their development as leaders. As part of this effort we foster networking and forging of partnerships among women. Leading Ladies’ Network recognizes that not every woman will become a visible leader in her community, or organization, or as an entrepreneur – regardless of their origin or circumstance. However, the more women leaders emerge in these areas, the more they can inspire other women and the more they can leverage their own success to improve circumstances for others.

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