"Exhibiting You" - Author

Bayan El-Bashier

About Me:
I was brought up in Saudi Arabia and went to an international school which had students of all nationalities, backgrounds & origins. I then moved to the Sudan at the age of 13 to attend high school & then left to the UK to do my A-levels. Having lived in the Middle East, Europe and Africa has given me such broad exposure & has helped make the person that I am today. Throughout my life I have had such diverse experiences which have shaped my perspective towards my academics, work & relationships with others. I often devoted myself to as many extracurricular activities as I could-speak out programs, student council, and taking part in national sports tournaments. Regarding my work experience; I worked at a Petroleum Equipments Company for three months which has enhanced my skills greatly & again worked at a bank for a month after my second year of university. I was also a translators (English to Arabic, Arabic to English) assistant at an NGO. Working with the translator helped develop my language skills immensely & gave me an idea of how NGOs operated. It also encouraged me to start learning a third language, French. My interests range from music, sports, photography, & travelling to politics & international affairs.

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