"Exhibiting You" - Story

Slave Driver

By: ergomaniac
Submitted: 04/08/2008

Grandparents droolin
medicare foolin

Daddy Abuser
make me a loser

no Moms and I'm sunk
a sloppy-ass drunk

brothers confused always bad news
sister is dreaming
or crying and screaming

cousins a mess
they think they're the best

Uncles and Aunts
you're taking a chance

when I'm finally free
I still can't be me

If this is love, take it
I'd rather you fake it

Everyday people
don't treat me as equal

because of my skin
religion I'm in

or where I'm from
makes me a bum

if I'm down on my luck
you think I'm a fuck

without the right car
I can't get very far

No logic or reason
it's just open season

on me and my crew
what'd I do to you?

gossipping bitch
you're on my shit list

fair weather friend
never again

I hear your mouth yappin
it jus ain't gon happen

lawyers and law
serve you up raw

like a pig on a spit
justice indefinite

I'm just a number
cost-cutting plunder

and payoffs

results are the same
I get the blame

banks chargin interest
I just can't resist it

cancel my check
my life is a wreck
monopoly games

Artist as whore
right to the core

McDonald's Big Mac
knife in my back

pastor and preachers
blood sucking leechers

big trouble maker

actors and fools
vanity rules

Hip Hop nation
take a vacation

don't tell me whats not
to steal what

I got Teachers
that lie

you're gonna die
Slumlord of mine
I'll repay you in kind

put taxes on me
your selling whats free

Senator dogs
pimped by the hogs

chauvanist pigs
elections are rigged

sale of a lifetime
spending my last dime

tryin to get over
life's rollercoaster

you act like it's right is
to fuck with my life

Slave driver
lousy contriver

media scum
hired gun

entreprenuer up
from the sewer

lackys and thieves
consumed with greed

medical mayhem
cut parts and trade 'em

cops and the judge
an army of thugs

jailers and guards
making it hard

my life is at stake
how much more can we take?

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