"Exhibiting You" - Story

Feet of Resistance

Oil on Canvas, 2008 Collection

By: Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
Submitted: 05/28/2008

"Feet of Resistance" is an oil painting Shaheen made, inspired by a story she read by South Asian writer, Saadat Hassan Manto for the rights of women. She has witnessed on her travels, women who are struggling each day in rural areas just to survive, and although illiteracy in those villages is immensely high, it is those women who have the "Feet of Resistance", for they are perfect examples of women making a difference.

More and more women in various parts of the world are voicing their concerns, seeking for platforms to find solutions and are not complacent. Women are making remarkable differences in some parts of the world, yet, she believes more can be done by encouraging networking and applying resourfulness to women in remote areas, not necessarily "resources".

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