"Exhibiting You" - Story

Pearls & Rain

By: Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
Submitted: 06/04/2008

The painting 'Pearls & Rain' is of a woman who has been robbed of speaking...Put in another way, human being distinguishes itself by its constant reaching beyond its present state into an indefinitely open future. Some have the medium and open space for "voicing", then, there are those women who are "condemned" if she expresses any turmoil she may be facing.

The "mute" woman is found in many areas of life, mostly, by following a standard system passed on from others. The denial to freely BE.

In keeping with the the theme of "biology being destined", women are not destined, for many women are emerging out of their shells. What we become, what we make ourselves, is conditioned not by history, biology or an innate human nature but rather by our own free acts. The mute woman in her painting has many facets, and if nurtured by society, she can be a valuable asset in the lives of many women.

'Pearls & Rain' is a dance between words and silence...and the gaps in between.

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