"Exhibiting You" - Story

Knowing How to Nurture Ourselves

Seed Saving in India

By: Global Oneness Project
Submitted: 06/13/2008

Stephan Fayon, director of an international seed bank in Auroville, India, explains how preserving the diversity of seeds insures against the breakdown of large-scale industrial agriculture. Today the supermarkets in the developed world are full; but if unsustainable systems of agriculture collapse, will we know how to nourish ourselves?

Stephan Fayon is an agriculture and organic farming expert who directs Kokopelli India, an international seed savers association based in Auroville, South India. A resident of Auroville for the past twelve years, he directs several reforestation programs and runs a tree farm. He has planted 250,000 trees over the past ten years.

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