"Exhibiting You" - Story

The Goddess Journey

The Paintings

By: Shaktima Brien
Submitted: 06/24/2008

The story goes from Cinderella to Goddess. Once upon a time, there was a Dormant Soul unaware of its potential. Crossing the veil of illusion, the soul enters uncharted territories.

On a Vision Quest, a snake reveals its powerful secret: I am the life-force energy at the core of your being. Raise me! Tame me!

Disappearing into Dreamtime, the soul explores the infinite.

"Leave your garbage behind," whispers the Ocean Goddess. The soul rebirths with Unconditional Love and passion ignite its fire.

In union with the Divine Masculine, S+He holds the Egg of Life.

Abundance flourishes when Yin-Yang balance is maintained.

And I will radiate my light as long and as far as I can," says the Cosmic Child, bearer of a new Intelligence.

Artistic Journey, Process, Painting Inner Life“The Goddess Journey” comes from the need to engage in a journey of greater awareness. At first, all the emotions had to be expressed. Painting was a form of catharsis. I needed to realize the essence of being human.

Closing my door to the world, letting go of moods and thoughts, the ego disappears. I go with the flow and let it be, playing with yellows, while rhythms overtake my body.
Red, yes, for its sensuality as the pulse increases, no more mind, only vibrations.
UniversalityThe continuous theme in my work is the awakening of consciousness at this moment of time, when humanity enters the global brain or universal consciousness, the evolution of a soul, maturity of thought and holographic understanding of Eternity.
VisionI choose to work in California because it is where I find the highest concentration of artists, scientists, visionaries and thinkers coming together from all over the world to create a better world.

Immersed in this beehive, where inspiration and realizations feed each other, new paradigms take shape.

Lawren Harris, a Canadian painter from the Group of Seven, said, "All that exist is inextricably inter-dependent in the great cosmic movement of becoming. Art is a vessel to travel at the center of this powerful electric light, creative vital energy of which human being is made of the power to choose and to create a better reality."
InspirationsPushing the limits of the unconscious
Looking for missing archetypes
I found a lost (spiritual) heritage in the feminine soul ~

I was a curious girl. I wanted to know everything.
What were the adults whispering over my head? What was it that they did not want me to know? What were the books they did not want me to read? The Tree of Knowledge, the fruits, the Garden of Eve, Magic, what were they?

My search for knowledge was tampered by a religion, culture and society that curbed my exploration. You are a fallen creature, I was told.

Although I was not sure what it meant, I thought it was unfair to stain me before I had started to live. I was even more confused, when I learned that I could not be admitted in the sacred of sacred because I was a woman.

My whole being hurt. My soul sank into depression. I was pushed into marriage. Not prepared for a life a deux, not knowing my self and the world, I got lost into the appearance. Programmed to ignore my sexuality, my body became numbed.

Convinced that I was more than a doll, a daughter, a lover and a working machine, I left the known environment, to find out who I really was outside the familiar influences. What would the world be, if I created it according to my vision?

Tuning into six thousand years ago, before modern civilization, the discovery of America, the birth of Jesus, the writing of the Bible, the Koran and the Baghavad Gita, I went beyond the wall of sound. Images started to appear on a background of eternity.

Coming from French-Greco-Latin roots, mixed with Eastern cosmic memory and Native American blood, -- immersed in futurist green, hi-tech, spiritual, experimental, humanitarian California, I absorb Yoga, Tantra, Zen, I Ching, Tarot and transcendental experiences, letting the brush dance onto the canvas.

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