"Exhibiting You" - Story

C'mon Mom. Vote!

By: WomenVote USA
Submitted: 09/15/2008

We used children's voices because focus groups, which we had done in various parts of the country, indicate that children are the prism through which women see the issues of interest to them.

According to the focus groups, women think about economic security so they can bring money home to their families, healthcare not for themselves but for their children and a safe environment for the future world in which their children will live...to name a few. So, in all the public service announcements we produced -- whether radio, magazine or news paper ads -- we used images of mothers and children.

In the last election cycle, we focused specifically in turning out women of color voters, given the browning of America. The states with the largest number of electoral votes are states that have large minority populations, and among those, women vote in larger numbers.

California, for instance, is a minority-majority state (a state where the majority of the popultion differs in ethnicity from the national majority), so are New Mexico and Hawaii. But the states with large populations are headed in that direction -- Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. These are all states with a great deal of electoral clout and where people of color are increasing in numbers.

The WomenVote public service announcements from the 2000 U.S. election, which you can see to the left, appeal to both mothers and women of color.

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