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LIVE! From South Africa: Blog Entry 4

November 12, 2008: Sounds & Sights from the Feminist Technology Exchange

By: Masum Momaya, Curator
Submitted: 11/12/2008

For two weeks in November 2008, I, I.M.O.W. Curator Masum Momaya will be blogging from Cape Town, South Africa to bring you women organizing internationally - LIVE! Follow my reflections and view videos and hear audio from the Feminist Technology Exchange and AWID International Forum.

Today was the closing day of the Feminist Technology Exchange. The whole point of the exchange was to empower women to use technology to express their experiences and campaign for issues they believe in. I was reminded as to how subversive an act this is, given that in many contexts, women’s voices and expressions are never asked for and not valued.

At the end of the day, we all presented the products that we had worked on throughout the last three days: blog entries (like the ones I am writing!), audio podcasts, videos and digital stories. I will post some of these as soon as they become available. Several of them moved me to tears for their authenticity, creativity and boldness…and all just produced in about 15 hours.

We all return to our respective homes with new capacities and new inspiration.

It’s been very windy and raining in Cape Town for the last few days, all the more reason to hundle around the fireplaces in our rooms and play with these new tools.

When I write to you next, I’ll be blogging for the AWID Forum, the corollary event in which 2000+ activists will come together to discuss “The Power of Movements.”

Until next time,

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