"Exhibiting You" - Story

Stop Shark Finning

By: J Adanich
Submitted: 12/05/2008

This is the terrible truth: Sharks are captured and their fins are cut off to be used as an ingredient in soups. Their mutilated bodies are then released because the shark meat is not valuable. Without their fins, however, the released sharks simply drown.

The shark fins actually have no taste but simply add a supposedly "pleasing" texture to the soup. The shark fin soup was a delicacy during the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368--1644). Since then, it has become a symbol of status and wealth.

As the Chinese economy and population grew, the demand for the shark fin soup grew as well. As a result, the finning of sharks has became a huge, and very profitable, industry. However, this industry needs to be regulated and these animals protected.

I want the viewer to walk away from my work understanding the reality of what happens out in the oceans. My sculptures almost beg the viewer to mentally answer the question: "How could one do this to a living, breathing animal?"

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