"Exhibiting You" - Story

The Watchers

By: Debbie Elliott
Submitted: 02/03/2008

With that line, the idea for The Watchers grew. I researched the countless myths and legends wondering just how humanity came to live on this earth. I read about Terry Pratchett who had asked this, by now famous, question: "Are we fallen angels or rising apes?

The story concentrates on the downfall of humanity and the celestial angelic beings known as angels. It expands on the Genesis tale of the creation of humanity and its fall from favour.

It recounts the fall of the angels, the seduction of the women and the human race being expelled from Eden.

The story begins with the creation of the universe, which was designed by the Divine but actually constructed by the angels.

The angels are a single species, all male, all beautiful. They first create the Earth and all its habitats and are then commissioned to build a paradise on Earth. Here all beasts are supposed to live in peace beside each other.

The Divine then commands the next creation--humans. The Archangels lead the way in creating these humans from the soil of the earth. The humans are unlike anything created before, they are earthly creatures that come in pairs, a male and a female. On the otehr hand, the angels, being only male, cannot procreate within its species, although they are immortal.

A selected group of angels is appointed to watch over the humans, to care for them and educate them. It is a joyous time for the humans; they live freely and peacefully in the garden while the Watchers do all the work for them.

Yet there are grievance felt by some of the angelic Watchers. They begin to favour the women, finding them attractive and soon enough they long for them. They feel it is unfair that they do not have a partner, like the humans and the animals.

So the watchers attempt to seduce the women. To their joy, they find the women responsive to their feelings. The attention these magnificent angels give to them flatters the female humans.

Affairs begin, secretly at first, but the birds and the bees notice and soon a confrontation between the men and the angels occurs, continuing the corruption within Paradise.




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