"Exhibiting You" - Story

Lost in Translation

By: Maxine Olson
Submitted: 12/26/2008

Lost in Translation: The Debate

I believe in a personal God. I also respect the gift of life by that force that has brought me here, supplying me with resources I need for my survival and my life's journey.

What I take issue with are the traditional and misogynist writers of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions who along with very inspiring thoughts have also been responsible for instilling fear and hatred between our cultures and religions.

In so doing, they have "demeaned women and condemned them for bringing sin into the world, condemned homosexuality and yet condoned incest, and most but not least, assured their martyrs and heroes a place in heaven when they wage wars and kill innocent people, in the name of their Prophets and Gods."

Hopefully my art work can be one small voice questioning those who continue to believe in the old laws and religious beliefs that continue to punish, condemn, and kill millions of people of all walks of life, because, they say, "it's God's will."

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