"Exhibiting You" - Story

3 Single-Word Goals for 2009

By: Anastasia M. Ashman
Submitted: 02/06/2009

As a cultural writer/multimedia producer finishing a big book project and a handful of media collaborations with others in 2009 in addition to living abroad--which complicates matters and makes my personal and career challenges more global--this was a useful exercise. Mine 3-word goals are:

PROJECT - project myself into my communities, raise awareness for the work I do, foster meaningful connection to others

REALIZE - a combination of 'execute' and 'achieve excellent results', materialize dreams

LIVE - breathe deeply, take chances, do new things i might love and old things i still love, get rid of stuff that slows me down or doesn't reflect who i want to be, embrace my health and opportunities

What are your three words, and why?

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