"Exhibiting You" - Story

Finding the Voice to Overcome

By: Honors Senior English, Oakland School for the Arts
Other authors: Jessica Moritz
Submitted: 02/14/2009

This is the story i wrote to correspond with the slide show:

The day begins like every other day; the pains of getting up to face the dawn of yet another day of struggle, suffering, and agony is unbearable. The awaiting oppression looms over the heads of all who wake under the harsh, thick blanket of the cruelty and malice that is a part of their daily lives. The people feel deep in their souls this is wrong, they need to fight for what is morally right and fair, not just a privilege saved for a select few.

The sun is high and so are the hopes of all the people that never thought, never dreamed their time would come. Voices strong and bold cry out in protest against their cruel treatment. Voices from all over the world rise together to speak out and inform their tormentors that the brutality they inflict will be imposed no more. Their vigor attracts others as their power and numbers increases. They inspire a revolution. Coming together as a body of one, they sing, dance, and speak out showing the world they have more strength than anyone ever thought or expected from them. They prove the world wrong in that they can unite, they can come together to show the world that they believe in change; a change that can transform the world into a new and better place for all people, not just a select few.

Night falls, but not the darkness and silence that followed the mourning and calling of a people, but the strength and courage of a new revolution that fills and inspires the hearts of all who stood up against the ones who fought to keep them down and away from ever reaching the liberation of equality. The people taste true, sweet freedom for the first time in a long time as their souls are filled to the brim with the courage and power they speak of to unite those around them.

A new day is dawning upon the horizon, a new day of a new hope that equality was and is the liberating force that drives the people forward, that gave them strength to persevere. A new hope that because of the intensity of their voices coming together in protests and rallies they ignited a new way of thinking and being in this world filled with oppressors. They remind and show the world that as long as there is someone that abuses, demoralizes, and mistreats numbers of people, there will always be hopers and dreamers that find the courage to fight that oppression and spark a change in the world.

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