"Exhibiting You" - Story

Stand Up for Women's Rights

By: Honors Senior English, Oakland School for the Arts
Other authors: Ryan Schaeffer
Submitted: 02/14/2009

Lyrics to my song

Get up, Stand Up
Stand up for women’s rights
Get Up, Stand Up
Fight for your right

What we find in this world today
Is women not being treated the same
Equal rights and lives are deprived
Lets bring an end to lives contrived

Throughout time some women have felt the same
Thinking that life is just a man’s game
But no, this is not the case
Because no one is different in the human race

So please heed my words
We all need to change our ways
Some women have started fighting
But we need to keep the fire ablaze

So now we see the light
We got to stand up for women’s rights

Throughout time their have been fighting women
From Victoria Woodhull to Shirley Chisholm
Some women need to find what they oppose
While other women just take off their clothes

From Mexico to India
And Morocco to Nigeria
All women around the globe
It does not matter what is your wardrobe

So please log on to IMOW
Because that’s where the truth be told
Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old
Standing up is our goal

So now we see the light
We got to stand up for women’s rights

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