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Expression of Gratitude

By: Ana Cordova
Submitted: 01/24/2009

You may be aware that this was the first time in presidential history when the first lady to be, Michelle Obama, gave the first lady, Laura Bush, a gift – Regardless of our political beliefs this small gesture is a symbol of gratitude.

Linda Lowen, a former broadcast journalist, talk show host, who is now a national producer of women's issues programming recently wrote an article on this subject that created many responses and opinions. Many responders where focused on the cost and the potential controversy about accepting the gift. Unfortunately, whether in favor or not, most seemed to misunderstand the “gesture, gratitude and appreciation from one woman to another”. For me the point made of an “expression of gratitude” outweighs any small minded criticism and deserves its historic precedent.

How many times have we found ourselves wondering what to bring to a celebratory gathering or if you should bring the hostess a gift.

Do we really take the time to think? Or do we run to the nearest market to purchase “the bottle of wine” and a bunch of flowers?

It is not about the cost, it is about how many times we “women” take the time to thank each other, to perhaps use a small item as a symbol of gratitude for what we are, what we do for others and for what we will continue to do.

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