"Exhibiting You" - Story

Today Was an Average Sunday

By: kreative Young millionaire
Other authors: kYmberly Keeton
Submitted: 01/28/2009

Today was an average Sunday

I woke up, turned on the television:

ABC News, George Stephanopoulos

He was talking about politics

While I woke, up and stretched

The phone rang it was MOM

She said we could not have breakfast

I hung up the phone and brushed my teeth

The phone rings again; I run back in to the living room

It was actually the alarm

Daylight savings time begins today

I am already behind in homework

I wonder if I will know anything during finals

I go back to the bathroom

Standing in the mirror, I wash my face

Then pull up my pajama shirt and look at my tummy

Still flat, not as a washboard, but flat

I put on my favorite new pair of jeans that cost $10.00 at Marshall’s

I had to ride the bus to get them

They are comfortable, fit, and just my size

I wish I were Nia Long some days

She is pretty, with a thin frame, probably a size six

The panel gets loud with George on ABC

I don’t like Hillary Clinton

However, she is a woman, and so am I

Does that really matter; I think not

For some reason I believe that we are all the same

Just average—like today.

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