"Exhibiting You" - Story

A Man / A Woman and SCHOOL LUNCH

By: Lisa DeLoria Weinblatt
Submitted: 01/31/2009

I use the vocabulary of daily life and historical reference to inform the content of the Man/Woman series; melding classical figuration with contemporary content.
The images in this series investigate the interactions of interpersonal relationships within a time frame. This series, in creating awareness of the multi-faceted roles of women, recognizes and views the importance of relationship cycles.

In these paintings, balanced real and abstract elements coexist, to create images which allude to the myths of womanhood. The paintings in the Man/Woman series, distinguished by evoctive motifs, are activated by current issues and concerns of women, which challenge the uneasy boundaries of possession, substance, perception and hallucination.

The SCHOOL LUNCH series is a pictorial essay of contemporary life, in real educational settings. Contemporary cross-cultural issues and their emotional attitudes are explored in the shared experience of school lunch. SCHOOL LUNCH was generated from direct observation, drawing on location, afternoons in the lunchrooms of NYC High Schools and Colleges.

SCHOOL LUNCH underlines perceptions which affirm cultural identity, brings together ideas espousing contemporary concerns and encourages a belief in the quality of human spirit.

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