"Exhibiting You" - Story

Beautiful is When at Least Two Persons Find it Appealing

By: lenyss
Submitted: 02/08/2009

Both halves of face talk each other like in the dialogue, but it is still only one face that talks with itself. It illustrates the problem of the face and gaze. Women's beauty. Natural beauty. Social beauty. Beauty for women or men?


Women's beauty is a good business. Everywhere we can see women's plastic faces and naked bodies. Many women believe it and want to be the same as these pictures. But it isn't possible.


Then a woman asks herself: "Am I beautiful enough?" It is a bad play with a woman's life and soul. Where is the natural beauty? Why don't men as well as women want natural beauty?


Nowadays is a technology and science fashion. That means cold, clear, perfect things. The next problem is perception of woman as a subject of man passion. And the worst thing is that nobody does anything about it.


The video wants to point out all these problems. The face is divided to two halves. Each half is different. The concept of dialogue is a question: Which is more beautiful?


Each half gives its own argument of beauty. It is a game. Finally a winner is a natural half of face. Why? Because it is the first and made a basis for a make-up. The concept is clear, easy and concerning.

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