"Exhibiting You" - Story

Native Winds

By: Bobbi4Freedom
Other authors: Bobbi Miller-Moro
Submitted: 02/11/2009

I am from North America, and in my first marriage I married a Native American man and had three half Native American children. Apache and Pueblo Indian. Togther with my current husband, who is a Afro Cuban, I am making a film about three Wynadot Indians from Kansas titled, 'Whispers Like Thunder'. It exposes the United States in their quest for Native American territory. Lyda Conley was the first to fight the Supreme Court and win.

In the research for this film, I have really begun to understand what Native American women have been through, even to this day. Although, I cannot make up the sins of my country's past, I was inspired to do a graphic artistic expression of me as a Native American. Symbolic of my journey of having three Native American children, my love for their culture and our shared country. I love this piece, it is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it.

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