"Exhibiting You" - Story


By: Ambica
Submitted: 02/18/2009

Untimely events shape the outcome of many circumstances. These events can alter the setting of any entity.The constant splatter of raindrops seemed as an intruder in the otherwise quite graveyard. The shower seemed to challenge the stillness of the graveyard with its thunder and lighting. These events, however, made no difference to the lone man standing by the freshly marked grave. The grave served as nothing more than a door unlocking the innocent dreams of the past.

The shrieks of joy served to create an electrifying atmosphere in the playground. This joyous kingdom of innocence is probably the only place where celebration of life never ceased. Waqar trudged along the muddy path towards the playground. Following him, Aaliya, walked hurriedly to keep pace with him. On reaching the playground Waqar searched for his closest buddy, Padma. Padma on seeing them, rushed to join her buddies. The trio, basically inseparable, joined the other children in the game of hide and seek.

A bolt of lighting bought him back to reality. The irreversible present seemed as a huge question looming in front of him. Filled with frustration he walked away from the grave. Death seemed to have immortalised her. As he continued to walk away he threw away the piece of paper which had lead him here. The past continued to reel down as flashes in his memory as he trudged forward the muddy path again.

A few yards behind him the rain continued to bury the past which he had thrown away.
The telegram with words, "Padma killed in riots. Start immediately." With the words blurring away with the water, splatters, they inevitably seemed to carry on in an uncertain manner, with a hope for something better.

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