"Exhibiting You" - Story

The True Shakti's

By: Ambica
Submitted: 02/18/2009


She folds her pleats
And tucks them in
With a million pins to hold them still
Pulling down a pleat she covers her breast
She then pins it up and conceals the rest!
With her armor in place
She is ready for her WAR
In the streets of the city
Where she battles it all

Mere Existence

A woman i saw
Sorry,A working women i saw
Not very different from all
Middle-aged and illiterate
Yet the only provider for the family
With wages low and discriminatory
Timings prescribed as compulsory
Bindings without negotiations
With a job- warranty for eternity
Within a repressive culture that forces her to
Follow a practice banned by law
(of which by the way she has no clue)
Moulded to fit in and
Conditioned not to question
Forbidden not to think
Barred from opting out
Excluded from progression
Controlled to check empowerment
Chained to docility for a lifetime
Doing the job of "MANUAL SCAVENGING"

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