"Exhibiting You" - Story

An Unbound Volume of Woman Crafted Poetry

By: World Citizen
Submitted: 02/19/2009

 Window Dressing

“The Store Window was dressed to attract attention,” they say.
Wantonly soliciting Custom within the broad light of day!

So how come censorial Society only now drops its jaw?
And why this Thief this time feels Full Weight of Law?

For only last week when that Streetwalker was raped,
Neither Law nor Society seemed able to relate.

One snickered “She asked for it and got it – albeit minus her pay!”
The other intoned: “’Tis an occupational hazard befalling Her Way.”

If this be the Case, then raped women should implore,
To be meted out the same Justice as afforded a Store!

At least they’d be certain of prompt legal redress,
And society would empathize with all their distress.

Seems only when our Money or our Piety’s at stake,
That Legal and Social hue-and-cry then will we make.

The Playboy Empire, in both word and deed,
Provides Bodies of evidence of male sexual greed.

Mixing business with much pleasure - as most Fraternal Rites do;
Channeling billions thru’ Whore Windows, via voyeur Pay-per-View.

Operating each from street corners, bedecked by day and by night more,
A Broken-in Store earns much more respect, than does ever a Broken-in Whore!


I wonder What In The World would’ve happened, had God sent a Daughter to Earth!
Would Life as we know it still End with rumors of Wars? Begin with a Painful Birth?

Would God’s Daughter have cautioned her Father, when he raised Adam’s rib up in-hand:
“Would Woman ever be able to free herself, of this her first Unsolicited Debt to Man?”

Would Eve still be condemned as The First Sinner, just for picking and sharing a fruit?
Would Adam’s Sinless excuse still find favor: “It wasn’t me, but her - as given by You!”

Would Lot really offer his own virgin daughters, to safeguard his Angelic guests?
Would Isaac have lain upon God’s Holy altar, just to put Fatherly Faith to the test?

Would Delilah be free to acknowledge, that Samson’s weakness caused his own downfall?
Would the Whore’s accusers have dared to approach Her; this Daughter of God -at all?

Would The Preacher be able to answer, if God’s Daughter asked him why did he say: “Would the world be searched for Good Women! For none ever saw true Light of Day!”

Would a Father All Powerful and Mighty, not find this request within his Great Means:
“Would you read me bedtime story, Daddy? One taken from The Book of Queens!”

Would having first read Revelations, God’s Daughter even care how HIStory began?
Would She care any more for a Father, who said: “In His own image created He Man!”

The Womb that Cradles the Rapist (…rocks Woman’s World)

It must surely be natural for Women, on warm nights to rise up from their beds,
And follow their own and Nature’s bidding, to venture into cool night air instead.
Not into cold nights deemed Men’s alone, but nights men coldly deem and take for their own.

It must surely be against their very own nature, for Men so unmoved to lie in wait.
To lay so still and for so long. Untouched by care of doing wrong to Women Bait.
Eyes hard. Penis harder than the hand held within. But Heart hardest most of all.

A realization naturally shocking to Women, is how callously Male Hardness forces in!
Just as carelessly now as when first it made, its own baby-careless way out of them.
Eyes ‘n Ears sealed against all appeal… protected by womanly fluids.
Mouth open to demand Self Satisfaction… fulfilled by womanly fluids.

Raped Women must find it unnatural, when upon Examination’s table laid cold and bare,
To have minds turned inside out, as to what they were about: “Going out in A Light not of Day! For it follows Reasonable Logic as surely, as The Darkness itself surely Follows The Light:
That no Reasonable Woman, in search of cool night air, should Venture out into Cool Night!”

It’s made the most natural thing outside of Nature, that a Woman’s light attire be blamed.
Deemed inappropriate and flimsy! The uniform of whimsy! And many such similar names.
What’s the fashionable view of Shrouded Man in Turned-up Collar, adorned by Knife in hand?
Do we label such men as Dressed to Kill? Or do they come self-labeled as Dressed to Thrill?

It must offend Human Nature most surely, for Women to live Life in a World that’s Man-made;
To love Men’s Sons, who make toys out of Guns. Small wonder Woman Life must degrade!
Man’s World is no place for A Woman, who with her children keep Man’s World alive.
And so one day soon, in the course of the Moon, Man’s World can no longer survive.
And so one day soon, in the course of the Moon, Man’s World will no longer survive.

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