"Exhibiting You" - Story

Strength to Leave

By: Shannon
Submitted: 02/26/2009

I have been talking with a new friend, whom with I share this rather interesting connection. We have travelled the same paths and are going through some similar tribulations. Knowing she was having issues with her significant other but not knowing to what extent I started creating these pieces of art that couldn't be explained. I had never created with this context. But I had to create. With pastel in hand I started and painted. Each one a next step to the problem.

Before the last piece was created I was hung up on what the image would be. Two ideas, one was a siren and the other was a letter. Not originally understanding why I was painting these I threw out the question to my girlfriend, "Has he hurt you?" Then I drew the letter image and finished the trio. She later emailed me to explain what was going on and that she hasked him to leave and she was through with him. Women have strong connections with each other, even when words aren't expressed.

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