"Exhibiting You" - Story

Seating Women at the Table of Global Consequence.

By: Jane Evershed
Submitted: 03/02/2009

Why am I compelled to do the art I do? Why is it that my art focuses mainly on empowering women and the eco-logical state of the earth today? The traditional male role model of protector is literally on overkill. Simply put, the earth has become a toxic bachelor pad, what can we really do with 26,000 nukes but kill ourselves and everyone else on this ingenious earth?

Women should never have been "given" the right to vote, it was always theirs by divine right. That is why the world hops along on one foot, over lost ground through the cloud of insanity that shrouds it.

How do I reach this conclusion and what does it have to do with hope? I reach this conclusion because it is a fact that 90% of the world is ruled by men, which obviously leads to the conclusion that a mere 10% is ruled by women. My hope is that some day soon men and women will realize that if they work together in equal numbers to solve the problems of this planet we will have a balanced action plan moving forward.

I believe humanity can achieve this and that the results of women being seated at the table of global consequence in equal numbers to men is the key to humanity’s ultimate survival. The traditional female role has been that of nurturing and this planet needs a whole lot of nurturing. I will go as far as to say that this is the time of woman. That is why my art and images and poetry focus on inspiring women and girls to their true power. For millions of girls across the developing world, there are no systems to record their birth, their citizenship, or even their identity.

Women and girls are the systematically discriminated against, we are half of humanity and number 53 % of the population of the world. On all continents women are being trafficked, raped, dehumanized. A myriad of other heinous crimes against women occur on a daily basis depleting their souls and rendering them the living dead. It almost seems like a global conspiracy to keep women from achieving their goals. Every disempowered woman is a check in the box of humanity’s demise.

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