"Exhibiting You" - Story

I remember as a child

By: Bobbi4Freedom
Submitted: 05/08/2009

I remember as a child, I would play in the grass and talk to the flowers. I was an only child and all nature was my friend. My parents moved around a lot-but the flowers, grass and trees were always consistent. My mom told me once that flowers respond to talking, so I would sit down and hold their soft pedals in my little fingers and talk to them about how beautiful they are. I just knew they could hear me and my love affair with flowers, trees, rocks and nature began. To this day I enjoy being outside, and have a kinship to the flowers and trees. I love to collect rocks-and have shown my kids (I have five) to do the same. I take them on hikes, and to botanical gardens and talk about the different species (which my son knows more than me). They were there for me as a child, and they are still there for me now. They are still displaying their brilliant colors and textures, and amazing fragrances. I feel so alive when I am with Nature. This picture brought me back to the days I would kiss the pedals of a flower and thank them for being brilliant for me to see.

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