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JAZZ AVIARY Concert Highlights & Interview

By: Susan Krebs
Submitted: 05/10/2009

The following quotes started me on a journey which resulted in a concert project called JAZZ AVIARY:

“You have to listen harder to the natural world so you can separate out the primal song from the songs of our civilization and from our static.” (Bill McKibbon)

“The preservation of the world lies in understanding and appreciating the wonder and awe that nature arouses.” (E.O. Wilson)

With JAZZ AVIARY - a multi-media concert - I hope to express the “wonder and awe that nature arouses”, specifically that birds arouse: through wide-ranging Music; fascinating ornithological Facts; Poetry & Spoken Word; beautiful Visual Projections and finally, by listening to the birds themselves from field recordings of Birdsong.
From its first “flight” in 2004 at a small performance space in Venice, CA through it’s most recent return performance in spring ‘08 at the Jazz Bakery, one of Los Angeles’ premiere jazz concert halls, my intent has been not only to entertain, but to awaken and re-connect people to the natural life around them - and the need to protect it. So I was delighted when the concerts resonated powerfully with the audience, often evoking childhood memories of the magic of birdsong and re-awakening them to the music of the birds in their own backyards. And there was always much enthusiasm for the music of the concert in all its variety and depth and for the entire multi-media experience.
JAZZ AVIARY also has great potential as a fund-raising event. And, as there are some 60 million folks in the U.S. alone who consider themselves some kind of “birder”, the commercial potential for Jazz Aviary concerts would seem to be strong.
My dream - my intent - is to tour the planet(!!)with this concert - entertaining and raising consciousness. AmenAwomen!
I welcome suggestions!

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