"Exhibiting You" - Story

Dream Man

By: PensiveGem
Submitted: 05/10/2009

The thunder blows loudly
you are not welcomed any longer
No more injustice
you cannot sleep beside me if you
cannot be here when you do it

My hands become fists when I think
of how your ghost is living with me
while you exist
miles away

Why does it stay here
Pretending to love me
When you eat your breakfast without me
When you make love without me
When you get sick and recover
Without me ?

Like a window taking the hit
of the rain
I force myself to contemplate every tear
sacrificing my eyelids to mourning
as if to deserve healing

But you still reach for
the hair that I tuck (behind my ears)

Must I fight you in my dreams as well?

I want to rest
Why do you wait for me to fall

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