"Exhibiting You" - Story


By: Dorothea Diba
Other authors: Dorothea Diba
Submitted: 05/12/2009

So do tell me please, Alanis…

What is it that rips your lips

Should you be in freeze

Floating along with breeze

You were the charm

Who did you this harm?

Speak, Alanis, speak…

Long for your sound to hear, not any sight I seek

How can you be so melancholic

It’s not a drama, no need to hide

Though cruel is life, you still have pride

Look at me, Alanis, look me in the eye…

You cross your legs so tight

Cuddling on your own without a single light

I heard you left for a chase of life

Now here you are your soul so shy

Are those tears, Alanis, down your fair cheeks?

Those bright eyes dimmed

That gentle smile feared

Do me a favor, be kind to tell

What turned your life to such a hell

Don’t, Alanis, don’t…

Put down that knife, do shut that grin

What’s in mind, death ain’t an end

Surrender isn’t the word, fight is the theme

What you’ve faced is the code, you’re stronger than you seem

Now I know, Alanis, do cry no more…

You’re not alone, there are a lot

No use of moan, let’s do a bold

They might forget who bring them life

They would regret we’re still alive

It’s you and I, Alanis, and a lot more…

Wipe off the tears, for tears don’t cheer

There’ll be no fears, the light is near

It’s you and I, and a lot more…

We’re called women, we deserved more.

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