"Exhibiting You" - Story

Confusion Resolving

By: Anjali Butley
Submitted: 05/27/2009

Confusions.... It is part of everyone’s life... while resolving it, lots of things goes in our mind at a time. You do not know how to control it...how to resolve it.
During this phase.. If I have pen and paper in front of me....my hand start automatically scribbling something on paper...it start with dots, curve lines, it takes shapes and slowly a good picture come in front of me... looking at it, I forget about what I was thinking.. What was the confusion I was having and very Big Smile comes on my face!!!!

Whatever shapes comes up… I start analyzing it… Some time it is Om – Hindu spiritual symbol, some time faces of Women, Some time it is just a freehand drawing, Sometime it is shape of Ganpati – Hindu Spiritual God.

My self, I found drawing is very good therapy for me to resolve my own confusions!!!

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