"Exhibiting You" - Story

Welcome to Oblivion

By: Lee Puffer
Submitted: 06/12/2009

By using domestic products, figurative elements, and images emblematic of sunny Southern California life and American optimism, I address aspects of the human experience that are sacred, taboo, or under recognized. The work consists of vertical stacks of hand built ceramic parts. Referencing the body, yet fragmented, the work communicates a variety of human emotional states with humor and irony. Using the figure as a framework, the work offers critical analysis of both personal and cultural phenomena such as consumerism, substance abuse, marriage and motherhood. Some of the work is based on personal experience; some works are based on iconic women from film and television. With my sculptural monuments to motherhood and aging, I am adding value to the experience. I draw on our culture’s knowledge of the role sculpture plays in honoring our most revered individuals and make sculptural representations of everyday women; mothers, grandmothers, wives and working women, to honor and validate their experiences.

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