"Exhibiting You" - Story

Women: The Sixth Element

By: Malavika Mandal
Submitted: 04/09/2010

Like nature's five elements--air, water, fire, ether, earth--women are also a very important pillar of society. From household chores to exploring space, running a house to ruling a nation, feeding a child to feeding the household, building a house to building a business empire, women do it all. The list would never end.

Women have rightly come out of the four walls of her confined house and proven her ability in music, arts, sports, literature, commerce, aviation--anything under the sky. The evolution of the rural women from working in the fields to the rapid modernization is a perfect example.

Women's minds are like a open sky, their determination is strong like the mountain, she struggles like the waves and tries to meet the shore, she can fight for her rights like fire and she can fill the air with her love. The five elements of nature are truly represented in her. Her desires are unlimited and can overcome all the hurdles on her way. It can be rightly said that behind every successful nation there is women and her role cannot be undermined in today’s economy. Her moral, financial, spiritual support leads to a healthy family and indirectly a healthy nation.

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