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Focusing on Latin America in Economica

In Focusing on Latin America, we take a close look at the issues facing women in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico. But of course, there are successes, challenges, and opportunities for women across the region, in every Latin America country, as well as activists, thinkers, and inspiring organizations that deserve recognition. Below are just a few of these stories, all featured in Economica: Women and the Global Economy, that explore women's experiences in Latin America.

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Is Microcredit the Answer for Latin America?

Microfinance has worked in Latin America, but according to Michael Glenwick, it is also letting governments off the hook from providing for their citizens. Read more>>

katherine zavala

MICROENTERPRISE: Small StepsAn international relations student shares lessons she learned first-hand about how microcredit can impact women through her experience with an organization in Guatemala. Read more>>

pro mujer

Pro Mujer: A Holistic Approach

In Latin America, the microfinance and women's development organization Pro Mujer is pioneering an integrated approach that combines lending with health care, education and other services. Read more>>


GIVING: Why Invest in Women?

What can investing in women do for a country? Emilenne de León, executive director of the only women’s fund in Mexico, shares her ideas. Read more>>

living on a dollar a day

The Reality of Living on $1 a Day

Around the world, a billion people live in extreme poverty and struggle to survive. Ritu Sharma goes to Guatemala to find out what it's like living on $1 a day. Read more>>

migration series

PROPERTY & WEALTH: Migration Series

Artist Mariana Castro De Ali uses bird migration as a metaphor for the ordeal immigrants face daily, and prints her original artwork on used receipts. Read more>>

suma veritas

Suma Veritas

Graciela De Oto explains Suma Veritas, an organization in Argentina that connects businesswomen and entrepreneurs with mentors and support systems. Read more>>


Women's Empowerment Collection

The Independent Television Service presents stories of remarkable women fighting for social and economic change against extreme obstacles, including Waiting for the Revolution, which features a woman grassroots politician in Bolivia. Read more>>

mujeres constructoras

Mujeres Constructoras

Mujeres Constructoras, an innovative organization in Nicaragua, trains women in carpentry and electrical work. The women use their new skills to build furniture, homes and their future. Read more>>

dolores huerta

NEW VISIONS: Si Se Puede! We Can Do It

Labor and immigrant rights advocate Dolores Huerta talks about women's roles as workers and as leaders in social change, and how getting to the root of grassroots movements will help steer the economy in a new direction. Read more>>

weaving panama hat

Mujeres de Peru

Photographer Marco Simola presents a vibrant series of photographs of the working women of Peru. Read more>>

weaving panama hat

The Art of the Panama Hat

Photographer Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel features portraits of a Mexican woman who weaves Panama hats for a living. Read more>>

women in music

Women in Music

Isabela Senatore shares a series of portraits of women in Brazil who play music professionally. Read more>>

gabriela leon

SPECIAL FEATURE: Public Notary s/n

Gabriela Leon performs an unusual public service notorizing articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (This special feature is presented in conjunction with Focusing on Latin America: A Project of Economica.) Read more>>

monica mayer


Monica Mayer presents a performance piece about mothers in Mexico. (This special feature is presented in conjunction with Focusing on Latin America: A Project of Economica.) Read more>>

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